Elegant Mr Armchair Designs

Elegant Mr Armchair Designs. The Massive Man Chair is created by Boss Chairs (model no. B990) and is meant for giant and tall

individuals who need a chair that can support their weight and larger size. It’s basically a

classic, ergonomic office chair, but made larger and with a stronger, metal support base.

For a useful overview of the chair, together with an assessment of its worth, keep reading.

The Numbers

The Boss Massive Man Chair is designed for each weight and size, promising to hold the larger

individual. The chair back on the quality B990 measures twenty five inches wide and 26.5 inches

high. The seat is 23.75 inches wide and twenty inches deep. The seat height has an adjustable vary

of 19.five inches to twenty two.5 inches.

Other features on the chair include a pneumatic carry that enables the user to comfortably and

easily alter the seat height, a double-paddle tilting mechanism and a metal base that is

considerably sounder and stronger than basic plastic models. The chair also comes with heavy-duty

wheels, designed to balance a heavy weight load.


The Massive Man B990 is definitely designed for functionality rather than style. The chair comes in

a very basic black and has an optional metal or black painted metal tubing. Buyers do not

customise, play with colors or get fancy trying options sort of a mesh back. This is clearly a

chair that has a purpose, and it achieves it with a terribly utilitarian style.


At full retail value, most consumers can expect to pay around $three hundred USD for the Boss B990.

However, it will typically be found online at a fraction of the worth and even for but $two hundred

USD. Value and worth are the two major selling points for the Massive Man chair. It primarily

offers the same product as its ergonomic, specialty competitors, but for a fraction of the worth.

Will It Hold the Weight?

Unfortunately, despite the Big Man’s B990 high-quality construction, the chair still only holds 350

pounds. While it does not want to break into the 500-pound plus market, the chair might stand to

increase it’s weight rating to at least 400 pounds.


In general, the B990 Big Man Chair is perfect for the larger individual who simply needs a robust

and durable office chair that will last for years and isn’t concerned with a flashy appearance. The

worth is great, especially considering the competition. However, the chair doesn’t supply enough

customization, and customers who need a mesh material back to avoid overheating might would like to

seem elsewhere.