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The film opens on a cheesy 1980’s spaceship where we are introduced to Mac (Jeff Goldblum), Wiploc (Jim Carrey), and Zeebo (Damon Wayans). As they begin communicating we discover that they have their own unique language but seem to have human movement characteristics. To go along with their similarity to human men the aliens seem to be quite taken by the human female form.

Continuing their trip through space the aliens look out of their telescope and spot a lovely lady catching some rays in her backyard. As the aliens fight over who gets to look through the telescope next they forget to steer the spaceship and it crashes into the ladies pool. The woman turns out to be Valerie (Genna Davis) who is not quite sure what to make of the three furry creatures. Valerie gets past their outward appearance and befriends the aliens getting them food and shelter while they fix their spacecraft. With their amazing ability to learn the three pick up the human language while watching a few shows on television. Valerie and her friend Candy (Julie Brown) decide that the three need makeovers so they don’t stick out during their stay. After a cheesy song and dance break the three emerge from the dressing rooms looking like handsome human gentlemen.

After their makeovers Mac, Wiploc and Zeebo head to the dance club with Candy and Valerie. Here Zeebo meets an attractive lady and ends up in a dance competition with her boyfriend. The 80’s were such an easier time when all it took was a little dance competition to win a woman’s attention. While we are on the subject of corny scenes there is also a beauty where Zeebo and Wiploc visit the beach with Woody the pool man and end up accidentally holding up the gas station with a fake pistol.

Having overstayed their welcome the alien pals complete their spaceship repairs and depart back to their planet. Valerie realizes she can no longer trust her boyfriend Ted (Charles Rocket) who cheated on her one to many times so she decides to go back with her new love Mac. I am still waiting for the sequel to see how she enjoys space.

If you are looking for a silly film that provides a handful of funny moments then check out Earth Girls are Easy. I am not going to promise that you will be fulfilled at the end of the film but it is an interesting sneak peek at the early careers of Jim Carrey, Jeff Goldblum and Damon Waynes.

If you are looking to explore more check out the Earth Girls are Easy movie cast page. You can also learn more about the talented actor Jim Carrey or research any of your favorite Jim Carrey movie roles.

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