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What To Feed Deer In Backyard

Organic meat, do you prefer store bought organic or stuff you’ve hunted yourself? You know like moose, elk, deer…

My husband is a hunter, he has hunted forever… his entire family hunts, it is in his blood! My in-laws were always concerned how I was feeling about eating wild meat… I never had a problem with it. The idea of eating meat that is completely organic is very appealing to me. I tried to not eat a lot of meat before for the simple fact of I am not sure where that meat come from and if it had ever seen the light of day when it was a living animal.

When I was pregnant I gratefully ate that organic wild meat. My mother-in-law also raises chickens for eggs… these are probably the best fed chickens around! Like they probably eat better than I used to! The shells on these eggs are much stronger and tougher to break, and obviously they are as organic as the wild meat we eat as well. Growing up we always had a garden and now that I have my own family, we are gardening as well, therefore we eat organic vegetables for part of the year too.

Why am I telling you all this? Well my question is simply: What is in the food we eat? and how if at all does it affect us?

We all know that some cows and chickens do get hormones injected, some do not see the light of day in their short time here. Now, I am in no way an expert on this subject, I am however a mother and like many of you out there am concerned with what I feed my family. I read up on issues that concern me and only have access to what everyone else has access to. But why is it that organic is getting to be more popular?

We had a big garden in our backyard growing up, for salad we would go and pick the lettuce and it would be on the table 5 minutes later. Playing in the yard we would stop by the row of peas and snack on them or on the raspberry bush. My parents new what we were eating and that is was ‘safe’ to eat.

My one goal in today’s post is to just get you thinking about what you are eating. I know organics from the grocery store can be expensive, but growing a garden even if its in pots on a 8 by 10 patio in the middle of a city, is not that expensive.

Do you think I am out to lunch, or do you agree? We would love to hear your comments!

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