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Water Features For Backyard

There are two types of water features available for your garden: Raised Formal Fountains and the in-ground formal fountains. Both of these types are marvelous in their looks. Here is a quick guide on how to choose a water feature for your garden.

Raised formal fountains are somewhat distinctive and standout as compared to the in-ground water features. They are significantly different in their design as well. The main difference is that they are more expensive to build, and difficult to maintain. Having made that clear, it is important to note that they are really elegant and look gorgeous for a right kind of setting.

If your garden is symmetrical in shape and has perfectly defined spaces, then a formally raised fountain would make a great addition to your garden. A formally raised fountain is usually located centrally and makes a bold statement. Sometimes, a raised wall fountain may be suitable if the wall is clearly visible from all over the garden.

An in-ground fountain is simple to build and easy to maintain. It must be constructed as per the exact dimensions or it might need a non-permeable material as base for the water retention. They often need exact dimensions to achieve the desired effect of water-flow and sound. Fountain experts are not necessarily needed to construct and in-ground water feature, water garden suppliers would be able to construct the in-ground water features.

The in-ground fountains are usually subtle in appearance and provide calm serene atmosphere without overpowering the background. Beautiful water plants like water lilies or lotuses may be displayed on top of these aesthetic in-ground water features. If you wish to display aquatic plants and flowers in your garden, in-ground water fountain would make great addition to your garden.

Raised water fountain are prefect for shopping centers or apartment complexes, however, when used in a backyard garden, they may overpower the surroundings. Unless you have a huge garden and plan on using several architectural elements in your garden, a raised water feature may not be the right choice for you.

Regardless of which water fountain you choose, your garden is bound to refresh and rejuvenate your senses with sounds of water when you add a beautiful water feature to it. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures used fountains as royal architectural elements, however, these days, with easily affordable costs, everyone can create a relaxing garden with a beautiful water fountain.

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