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Areas on your property like backyards are quite ideal for synthetic grass. This is because backyards are usually a relatively high traffic area that needs durability. For backyards of any shape or size, artificial grass can be customized to fit virtually any area. Because of its high customizability and ability to blend in with any kind of landscaping materials, synthetic turf can be adopted by any backyard. Those with synthetic grass lawns continue to enjoy many benefits for several years. From low maintenance to a beautiful lawn that looks healthy throughout the seasons, artificial turf is perfect for any backyard.

A great thing about modern synthetic grass is its natural feel and appearance. Made from polyurethane and polyethylene fibers, a complex yarn weaving is done to make the blades of synthetic turf look naturally grown and less artificial. The soft materials used are not spiky and instead have the feel of real grass. Thus, when walked on barefoot, or even laid on for a picnic, many do not even know the difference between modern artificial grass and real grass. It is comfortable for the entire family, including children and pets. The very natural green tint of artificial turf makes it look healthy but not artificial. Through the hottest, most scorching summers, all the way to the nippiest winters, your synthetic grass backyard remains this healthy look, without drying out or dying out. It withstands contact with all the elements without being damaged.

An amazing aspect of having a synthetic grass backyard is the fact that it cuts down heavily on labor and maintenance costs. Since artificial grass is completely waterless, you can forget about hoses, sprinkler systems, and manual watering of your backyard. This can save several thousand gallons of water a year, as well as thousands of dollars in water costs. Since synthetic turf does not need any mowing, lawn mower emissions are heavily reduced, as well as precious time that would be spent maintaining the backyard. Fertilizing is also eliminated, reducing the amount of chemicals released into the water and environment. Artificial turf heavily contributes to ecological awareness and sustainable living, Therefore, converting from a real grass backyard to a synthetic turf backyard can greatly improve the condition of the environment.

Synthetic grass’ drainage system is comprised of several holes situated on the entire backing of the turf. This allows for manual permeation of any liquid that comes into contact with the turf. Thus, the turf is not ruined by liquid, and helps to prevent spores and bacteria from building up due to its perforation. Artificial grass is the ultimate low maintenance solution for all types of backyards. Even backyards that have hills, sand, cement, and other intricacies can employ the use of synthetic turf. Installers can customize any backyard area, making for a clean and manicured lawn. From its eco-friendly nature to its durability and customization, an artificial grass backyard is ideal in the modern day. Look to an artificial turf lawn for greater savings and comfort combined with minimal maintenance.

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