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In your search for a shed, you will find manufacturing companies and dealers selling sheds.

Most manufactures have their own retail sales lots and some may also use dealers

Some sheds are pre-built and painted and delivered whole to your back yard and some are stick built, piece by piece in your backyard. You must have room for a truck and trailer to be able to buy a pre-built shed that’s delivered to your backyard.

A manufacturer who sells their own sheds will be less expensive then one who uses dealers. The dealers make a commission and that money usually comes from a higher price.

You will find nation wide, regional and local companies.

The nation wide companies for the most part use the big box home improvement stores as their dealers. Because of this, they are priced about 30% higher then most of the regional and local companies. That is a lot to pay extra just to deal with a big box store. The only benefit from buying your shed from them is the financing they might offer. Their employees sell hundreds of items if not thousands. Do you really think they know much about storage sheds? And their employee turnover rate is huge so it’s hard to find anyone working at those stores who know anything at all about the storage sheds or even buying them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the big box stores when you are shed shopping.

The regional companies will be a little better priced but they still sell their sheds through dealers and that 10 or 15% commission has to come from somewhere.

The best prices will be from local manufactures who also sell their own sheds. Additionally, their employees are very knowledgeable and they will have the best products available. I strongly recommend buying from local manufactures.

Out of the local manufacturers there will be some regular ones and some religious based ones.

The regular companies pay salaries, unemployment and workers compensation taxes and other taxes. Some of their employees are veterans and the companies help support their local communities.

The religious groups that run shed companies are usually tax free entities. I don’t think you will ever see one of their employees come home in a body bag from Iraq because they don’t enlist into the service. Usually their prices are lower and they should be, they don’t pay taxes and they offer next to nothing to the local community. They want nothing to do with us but they will take our money. They make a nice shed but I just can’t see supporting them and I strongly suggest you do the same.

For the best price, quality and service, stick to your local shed manufactures who are not backed by any religions.

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