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Tent In Backyard

Okay, so you have never tent camped before and you want to give it go. You think you know how to do it but you are too afraid to let go because you don’t feel prepared enough. Here’s a thought… try camping in your very own backyard first. (Of course, if you don’t have a backyard you can borrow a friend’s or neighbor’s backyard.)

Try these 5 simple rules on for size to see if you can camp successfully:

1. Load everything you THINK you are going to need into your backyard. This would include everything you think you need. (Coolers, tents, flashlights, food, marshmallow sticks, etc.)

2. Once you have everything you think you are going to need in the backyard, try not to allow yourself back into the house.

3. If you do find yourself going back into the house for an item, make sure to write down what the item was on a checklist.

4. At the end of your little backyard camping venture, write down all the items you used or felt you really needed. This will be your camping checklist for future use.

5. Bonus: Before you put all of your camping gear away, pack it all in your vehicle to make sure it will all fit.

Note: Please check your local city ordinances regarding campfires in your backyards. You may have to get a permit or use a fire pit or there is the possibility your city does not allow backyard fires. Gas grills might be a viable substitute. Happy Camping!

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