Simple Tent In Backyard 43 With Additional Small Home Decoration Ideas with Tent In Backyard

Tent In Backyard

Looking for an inexpensive way of providing some summer fun for you and your kids in the warm months to come? Try camping in your backyard! Rather than paying to stay at a campground, choose to camp in your backyard on the weekends. Your kids will love the experience!

When thinking about purchasing tents for the backyard, here are some things to consider:

Number of tents needed: You’ll probably want to purchase at least two tents. One tent can be used by you, your spouse and little children. The other tent can be used by older children. If need be, you might want a third tent so older boys and girls can be separated. Even though the older kids will only be a few feet away, they’ll think it’s fun to have their own tent. Of course space is a consideration. Can your yard accommodate two or three tents?

Types of tents: For the tent that will be used by you, your spouse and the little ones, consider purchasing a family tent. You want a tent that is large enough for you to actually stand in, otherwise being hunched over or having to crawl around on your hands and knees won’t be fun for very long. Dome tents work great for the smaller tents. There’s no need to buy super expensive tents. Go to a retail store and you should be able to find what you need. Pick up a couple of plastic tarps to lay down under the tents. This will help keep the floor of the tent from absorbing moisture from the ground.

Additional camping gear: Consider purchasing inflatable mattresses. Not only will the mattresses provide you with better sleep, but they will help keep the sleeping bags dry. Each person should have his or her own sleeping bag. For the little kids, let them pick out a sleeping bag that has their favorite character on it, such as Superman or Mickey Mouse. Each tent needs a flashlight or lantern and bug repellent.

Arrange the tents so that there is plenty of space to safely have a campfire if permitted by your town or city. Even using a charcoal grill can be fun. After all, roasting hotdogs and toasting marshmallows for s’mores is part of camping!

Family traditions don’t have to be super expensive. Start backyard camping in tents with your family this summer and chances are the kids will be begging to campout again next summer!

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