Backyard Privacy Fence

If you share a backyard with neighbors, you probably could benefit from some backyard privacy. There are many ways to go about obtaining the privacy, but you should be aware of any HOA rules or city regulations regarding landscaping and construction in your neighborhood as some of the methods may violate these rules.

The obvious method is building a fence. This could solve many privacy issues but could cause problems of its own. Some areas will have maximum height limitations for fences that could deprive you of the solace you are seeking. If there is an existing fence perhaps extending its height is an option. Many fence types will limit airflow and circulation therefore increasing the heat by stopping the wind. There are fencing options that allow more circulation but they are usually a little less attractive. If using a wood fence make sure to apply the proper treatments to lessen long-term maintenance.

Another option is building a tall pergola in the area you need to block to obtain the privacy. This may take an extra-long pergola or several smaller ones if your property line is lengthy. Pergolas give you a few choices of the type of vegetation you’d like to grow on it. Many varieties of vines exist that could fill your needs. Morning Glories are pretty but can get out of hand if not constantly kept in check. Grapes give you an edible option. I have muscadine vines on my pergola that offer fruit and privacy. Hops are a good option for those that like to brew their own beer. One more edible option is kiwis. They take both a male and female to fruit, but the great taste makes it well worth any hassle in my opinion. Having plants of dual use, food and privacy, would be an environmentally conscious thing to do. If you are in a cold climate some vines may die back in winter making your yard once again open to neighbors view.

Post and wire is a good way to go, and is very similar to pergolas but maybe less costly. Posts are planted at certain intervals with taught wires ran between to give vines something to cling to as they grow upwards towards the sun. Spanish Moss on a Post and Wire can be quite an attractive feature in any landscape. A trellis is one more hardscape option that gives a happy home to vines and climbing plants. Many vines will also require pruning and maintaining every couple of years.

A common method used to get privacy in the yard and garden is planting tall bushy shrubs. This also can be attractive if the proper shrubs are used. Many variety of shrubs exist that suit the pursuit of yard privacy. If you plant small you can even avoid hurting the neighbor’s feelings. Shrubs and hedges will require pruning once or twice a year to maintain the desired look and keep them from getting messy.

No matter which method of backyard privacy you choose make sure to not offend the neighbors. Also be sure that you are ready for the potential maintenance of the method you choose. Be sure to choose the option that best suits you and enjoy your privacy.

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Landscaping Ideas Backyard

Want a backyard you can be proud to show off? With a little creativity, a backyard landscape can be a lot more than some grass and a swing set. Take a look at these uncommon backyard landscaping ideas to get some ideas for your own home.

Touch Garden

Landscaping doesn’t have to be all about color. Plants with touchable textures add another element to the gardening experience and are especially good for curious young children and the visually impaired. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised at how many touchable plants there are. Some favorites are papery plants like money plant (Lunaria annua) and Statice (Limonium latifolium), plants with fuzzy leaves like woolly thyme (Thymus praecox), Horehound (Marrubium spp.) and Lamb’s ear, and feathery plants like astilbe (Astilbe spp.) and dill (Anethum graveolens). Plant them next to walkways and seating areas to make them even more inviting.

Zen-Style Garden

If you’re looking for very low-maintanence backyard landscaping idea, a Zen-style garden may be for you. Creating a true Zen garden would require an understanding of Zen philosophy, but you can easily reproduce the design of these meditation gardens. A Zen garden is a dry landscape garden in which the elements of nature are represented by a composition of sand or moss, gravel, stone and rock. Plants are limited to small evergreen trees, ground-level greenery, and a few modest flowers. Many Zen gardens also include raked gravel, but this is the only element that’s designed to replicate nature.

Foliage Garden

Flowers aren’t the only things that can bring color to your backyard. A foliage garden is a low-maintenance backyard landscaping idea that provides as much show as any flower garden. Plants with foliage in rich wine red, golden yellow, cool blue, and silvery gray can fill the landscape with color all year round. Look for plants that provide not only color, but interesting textures and shapes, too.

Vertical Garden

Want to squeeze a big garden into a small backyard? With a little organization, it can be done. Choose trailing, climbing, and container-friendly plants to create a space-saving vertical garden. Using baskets, window boxes, and pots filled with trailing plants is one of the easiest ways to do this. For a unique way to organize pots, try one of the upright plant-holder poles that use hooks to hold up to nine pots in a straight-up row with each pot angled differently to add interest. Raised beds and terraces are another vertical option. These make it easy to improve your soil in limited areas and, if sturdily build, provide seating, too. If you’ve got a garden wall, besides training climbing plants on it, you can attach hooks or brackets to hang baskets, plant small flowers in cracks between stones, or add a wall-mounted fountain or other decor.

Landscaping your front yard may take precedence, but don’t neglect the backyard, either. If you’re planning to landscape your backyard, take time to browse through as many different backyard landscaping ideas as you can to find designs that not only look good, but fit your personal needs, too.

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