Backyard Swings

The benefits of having a backyard swing set are many. Many adults have memories of playing at home on the traditional swing set and slide combination. Looking back on the size of the swing set is cause for wonder at how such a simple toy could have provided so many enjoyable hours outside, and as the benefits gleaned from those days of long ago are now realized, so too the kids of today are benefiting from having a swing set they can call their own.

Benefits of backyard swing sets include advantages in the realms of social development, physical and mental health, and familial growth. Though there are other ways to obtain these benefits, children’s play equipment is one of the easiest ways to get the job done. Parents who desire the best for their kids readily see the value of having kid’s play sets on hand.

Kids benefit greatly from the friendships they develop while playing. The social interaction helps to reinforce the relational “rules of the road” being taught by their parents. As kids learn to share as well as compete they continue to grow towards a healthy adulthood.

Swing sets are places kids love. The give and take of allowing others a turn and helping smaller children use the play equipment help to develop positive social attributes. Parents easily monitor the time their own and others’ children spend in the backyard and can interject enough parental authority to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved.

As kids practice swinging, climbing, and running around the backyard swing set, those young and growing bodies are strengthened. Getting kids away from the computer games and outdoors to exercise is important. The swing set provides opportunities not only for muscular development but the healthy exercise of the heart, coordination, and aerobic well-being.

A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind. Kids that are developing physically through exercise are allowing the mind an opportunity to grow as well. An overall sense of self-satisfaction and positive self-concept is developed as the “I can do it” attitude of youth finds success in the conquest of the back yard playground.

The backyard swing set is also an opportunity for parents and kids to play together. There’s more to life than work and parental discipline. Kids love to play with their parents and this can blossom out to the aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents, as well. Pushing small children on the swing and catching them as they zip down the slide is fun that’s been enjoyed for generations.

Additional benefits of owning a¬†backyard swing¬†are found in the safety of having children’s play equipment at home rather than at school or the public park. Access is limited by a watchful parent or a fence. Stray dogs are kept at bay and bullies aren’t allowed.

I am in the parks and recreation industry and I generally write about residential playground sets.

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