Backyard Stream

Chickens no doubt take a significant part in the pie of human’s source of animal meat. Compared to pork, beef, and fish, chickens are relatively easier to rear and raise. In fact, raising backyard chickens can turn into a good opportunity of earning steady streams of monthly income. Note that backyard chicken rearing has been existent eons ago. The tradition however waned when cities become more industrialized and people’s lifestyles became busier. But it’s never too late to set up your own home chicken farm. Discussed below are some considerations you must think about before delving into a small poultry business.

The first thing you must think about, of course, is if there is enough space in your home to accommodate raising backyard chickens. Note that chickens need an environment wherein they can freely walk around all day. You need to allocate about 5 to 10 square feet of space per chicken so that the birds feel comfortable all the time. Chickens love to dig the ground, and they will never be happy if they are housed in the cage all day. Your backyard must have a wide run wherein they can step into the grass, eat insect and weeds, and use their feet in walking and hopping. If your animals live healthily, they will of course provide high quality eggs and produce the best poultry meat.

Even if you have a big space in your yard, it is still crucial to take into consideration the opinion of your neighbors regarding your plan to raise chickens at home. Some towns, for instance, have certain regulations and rules related to households and businesses that practice raising backyard chickens. Inquire with your immediate community officer about the existence of any rules on the business, and whether you need to secure certain permits to operate or not. Visit and talk to your neighbors and make sure that they won’t mind hearing constant chicken tweets coming from your walls.

Even if raising backyard chickens is pretty easy, it is still in the end a money-making scheme, and therefore requires a certain amount of time, effort, and capital. Before venturing into the small business, make sure that you can commit at least an hour of your time to feed the chickens and clean their coups. These are pretty daunting tasks if you will work alone, so ask for the help of your fellow family members in pursuing this business endeavor.

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