Backyard Movie Party

Although many people are finding out that hosting a backyard movie is a lot of fun for everyone, what most people are just figuring out is that there are many more ways to enjoy your backyard theater than to just throw a movie in the DVD player. Here are some fun things that people are doing:

Karaoke Night – You’ve had a good time seeing yourself on the tv in your family room or at the local bar but how about on a big screen in your backyard? If you like karaoke or just want to give it a try this is the way to do it. Just hook up the karaoke machine, plug a camcorder into the projector and start singing. You will be amazed at how much fun it is to see yourself on the big screen.

Theme Movie Night – Sometimes the newest releases don’t hold a candle to with the time tested classics. Watch the classics with a twist and make it a theme night. Have a cookout and put your best western outfit, throw in a western classic on and have a western theme night. Can’t get enough of the Kung Fu movies? Order Chinese food and throw in a Bruce Lee Movie. Remember to make everyone come wearing their favorite kung fu outfit or karate outfit. Caddyshack is a an all time classic and you can show it after a golf outing with the guys. Of course you should show up in the ugliest golf clothes you can pull out of your closet. The best part of the night is that the movies don’t need to be first runs and it is all about the food and friends and the outfits.

Birthday Parties – Inflatables and game rooms are great but how fun would it be to have a backyard movie for your kids birthday. Not only would it be a fun and different activity but if you get the right movie they will be occupied for several hours and you can get some time to relax too.

Block Party – Is there a better way to get your neighbors together than having a block party and show a backyard movie. You don’t even need to use your backyard if you live on a dead end street or if there is a park close by. Have everyone pitch in with the food and drink and all you will have to do is bring the screen and projector. As a warning you might have to schedule several movie nights to accommodate all the suggestion that you will get from each neighbor.

Game Night – You don’t just have to show movies on you backyard movie screen. With a good multimedia projector it is perfect for game nights with the kids. Rockband, Xbox and PlayStation games make it a fun night that everyone can enjoy.

These are only a few ideas that you can do when you have a backyard movie screen and projector and there are plenty more.

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