Backyard Heaters

We have a little coffee shop in our town that has a small patio where patrons can eat outside during nice weather. But sometimes it would be nice if we could extend our chat time outside later into the evening, however the cold can tend to force us inside, or worse, to go home.

Many small and large eating establishments alike are now investing in larger commercial patio heaters to keep their customers on the property, eating more and enjoying their leisure time longer. I’m sure they are recouping their investment just by having people there longer and ordering more food and drink. Otherwise people have to go home. If your restaurant is small then you can expand your seating area for less money by making an outdoor venue, but you need a way to keep people comfortable. Awnings will keep rain off their heads and patio heaters will keep them warm.

The commercial heater can even benefit construction companies by providing heat to dry plaster faster on those rainy days. Natural gas heaters are ideal for patio heaters if your natural gas is reasonably priced and you already have a natural gas line in your facility. You an also choose from electric and propane for energy sources. Choosing the right one for your business will depend on the cost and availability of the various sources at your disposal.

Commercial types are more expensive than a typical backyard heater, but they are durable and dependable. Many companies with outdoor settings will take advantage of a commercial patio heater to squeeze out a few more months of outdoor business. It’s just smart business sense during these tough economic times.

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