Backyard Bbq Wedding

Your wedding is the most important party you will ever plan and the music is one of the key decisions you need to make. You should seriously think about the type of wedding you and your partner want before making a decision. It is not something to rush. Take your time and answer a few questions before deciding on any music.

Is budget a constraint on the music you can select? Every couple has a budget. You should sit down and decide what you are willing to spend on music for the evening. Once you have that figure it is good to have a discussion about priorities. Is it more important to get the band you want or stick to the budget? This decision will vary for each couple but you should make sure you are both on the same page.

Do you want a live band or a DJ? Is it important to have live music at your wedding or do you prefer beats? There is no right or wrong. As a couple this is about personal taste and the style of your wedding. A DJ can sometimes be a safer bet as most DJs will have a good mix of songs that everybody knows. A band gives a more personal atmosphere.

Is the theme going to shape your music choice? Think about the theme of your wedding party. Are you going to have a theme? The music will need to reflect this. Have a string quartet at a backyard BBQ wedding would seem an impossible fit. Do you want people to dance? You need to find music which suits your theme and encourages people to the dance floor.

Do you or your partner have religious or cultural requirements? If you are having a culturally traditional ceremony and reception then you will probably want the music to reflect these decisions. The music should complement the party not stand out like an awkward thumb. The band or DJ should play music which matches this. You may need time to source bands which reflect some cultures or backgrounds.

Is your couple taste or guest enjoyment more important? The music you choose should reflect your personal taste and set the atmosphere. You need to decide is it most important to you to reflect your tastes as a couple or for all your guests to enjoy the party. If you have your hearts set on a death metal band at your wedding, go ahead, but try to understand many of your guests may not enjoy the evening. You should try to select music that both you and your guests can appreciate.

Does your venue restrict your choice? Some venues may not be equipped with a sound system or space to accommodate every band. If you have already picked a venue then you need to make sure your music choice will be appropriate. Ask about noise restrictions, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Pending thousands of dollars to get married is simply not an option for many engaged couples. Last fall, my best friend was the maid of honor in her friend’s wedding, backyard wedding and the photos I saw of this inexpensive ceremony and reception gave me some great backyard wedding ideas.

The couple is on a tight budget, so they needed to tie the knot as inexpensively as possible. Two sections of folding chairs with an aisle left in between were set up in a friend’s backyard, and another friend who is a notary public conducted the ceremony. To avoid the cost of expensive dresses and tuxedos, the bride wore a skirt and top that she already owned; the groom wore khakis and a button-down shirt. The attendants also wore simple outfits from their own closets.

The couple instructed all guests with cameras and camera-phones to snap as many photos as possible throughout the evening. A laptop was set up on the back patio so the guests could e-mail the pictures to the bride and groom. This is probably one of my favorite inexpensive backyard wedding ideas – e-mailing photos right then and there (iPhones) is a great way to save money on a professional photographer! The casual look of “regular” pictures goes along perfectly with the casual theme of the wedding.

After the ceremony, it was time to party! The inexpensive decorations consisted of a few strands of white Christmas lights hung along the back patio with some colored ball lanterns thrown in for variety.

Two long tables covered with plastic tablecloths and vases of wildflowers held the food, which was all brought pot-luck style by the wedding guests and eaten on paper plates with plastic silverware. A few coolers held ice and cans of beer, cans of soda, and bottles of water. This was definitely a no-frills reception, but it certainly looked like fun!

The homemade wedding invitations were printed on standard 8 ½ by 11 inch pieces of paper with a red and white checkered border to resemble a picnic tablecloth – another way to save money while getting married at home. The wedding favors were small plastic bags of red and white M&M’s tied with curled red and white ribbon, to match the red and white borders on the invitations.

The cake was probably this wedding’s biggest splurge: a three-tier chocolate cake with butter cream icing from a local bakery, decorated with green grass made of icing, “dirt” made of cookie crumbles, and a bride and groom holding a picnic basket.

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