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Swing Backyard

Children nowadays are plain spoiled by video games when they really should get outdoors for a bit of sunshine and exercise. With our last youngster, a boy, we put together a new hardwood swing set with the fort, slide, sand box, swings and a rock wall for climbing. Our child was three years old when we finally put it together and now at twelve years old and a pre-teen, that playground fort still gets used by him as well as the neighborhood kids. Crafted to last a long time, that backyard swing set and fort will definitely still be standing and waiting for our new grand-daughters to come play at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.

Typically the wood backyard swing sets today can be purchased packaged in ready-to-assemble kits and all the screws and bolts you need to assemble it. Our model needed a few additional beams that we acquired from the nearby home and garden store. It required the better part of a weekend to get it put together, but the grin on our son’s face the instant that it was done was priceless.

There are a variety of features that you can have for your wooden backyard swing set today, including periscope tubes, steering wheels, rock walls, sandboxes, and slides. You may also start with the infant swings for the younger children and add on sections as your child grows, then go back to the infant swings when the grand-kids come to visit. Our son and his dog, Jake, a rather big Labrador retriever, love to play in the fort. Jake has discovered how to ascend the rock wall stair case and he simply bounds up into the fort. In that protected fort, he and Russell can play for hours. Right after school, our backyard is the local hang out for all the neighborhood kids.

Currently you can also buy special mulch material made from re-cycled rubber to put around the swing set to cushion any kind of tumbles the kids could possibly have. The mulch is additionally colored in blue, green, brown, gold or red to complement your swing set and also the pigmentation can last 5 to 8 years. The recycled rubber mulch is eco-friendly and meets CPSC safety guidelines. You can also apply garden mulch, but it has a tendency to pack down and has to be replenished each year.

The nice thing about purchasing your swing set on the web is that there is a much larger variety of swing sets to select from and they are delivered directly to your house which means you do not have to borrow cousin Earl’s truck to be able to haul it. You can start with a simple module and add on as your kids grow. A back yard swing set is a fantastic investment in your youngster providing hours of play and exercise to help keep them strong and healthy

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