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Solar Backyard Lights

Any garden will look much better with some lighting added. There are two ways around it – you could install traditional light powered by electricity, or you could chose solar landscape lighting. Solar lights have many advantages – you save on installation cost as well as on electricity bills, they are safer and more convenient.

Advantages of solar landscape lights

If you go for traditional electricity, there should be a line running from your house to the lights, usually berried in the yard. Solar, on the contrary, don’t require any wires, so there will be much less digging and less installation cost.

Also, if you use electricity, only the first few lights in the chain will be bright, while those at the end will not get enough power to them. So the lights at the back of your garden, where you need them most, will not actually provide enough illumination. Solar lighting systems don’t have this problem; all lights will have the same brightness, no matter how far they are from your house.

Another benefit is safety. If you have a dog who likes digging, you would always worry that it will get to one of the electrical wires. Since solar backyard lights don’t require any wires, your puppy will be safe.

And if you intend to run your lights all night, the savings of going solar are significant. Even though backyard lights are low waltage, if you have twenty of them running for several hours every day it all adds up. But with the solar system the energy will not cost you anything.

Disadvantages of solar lighting for landscapes.

As we all know solar is powered by the sun, so if the day is very cloudy, your lights will not be bright in the evening. Also, you can not place those lights anywhere in the shade, only in open sunny spots.

This problem can be solved by putting the solar panel in the open spot and running a wire to the lights located in the shady aria of your backyard. Of course this requires a bit more work, but nowhere near as much as if you were running the electricity from your house.

Solar lights are particularly useful for larger gardens. You can install them hundreds meters away from your building as long as they get enough sunlight. To collect more power during the day, you should ensure that the panels are facing South. Most people successfully install solar landscape lighting along the paths, around pools and patios. With some planning, your garden could look really interesting at night, with lights inviting people to explore.

The lights are usually designed in a way, that during the day they collect sunlight power, and switch on only when it is dark. Solar energy collected during the day is stored in the batteries. If you invest in a high quality lights they usually have enough solar power to last them till morning.

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