Backyard Play Set

Have you ever tried to research outdoor swingsets, comparing all the prices, designs, and options on the market? A single search in Google reveals dozens of different brands, styles, and types of backyard play sets. After half an hour of researching, you’ll probably think there’s no end to the huge variety of playsets available.

With all these choices, it can be overwhelming to decide which playset is the best choice for your family. Here are 10 foundational points to help you make a good choice.

Structural Strength

Children have a seeming endless supply of energy. An outdoor swingset becomes a wholesome outlet for their energy. Therefore, it’s important to choose a playset will hang together under the daily rigor of energetic kids. Both the type of material used and the actual structure of the set is important to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Southern Yellow Pine, for example, has superior structural strength and a lasting exterior surface, which makes it an excellent choice for a strong and durable play set.

Value for Money

Really, who wants to pay extra for nothing? Do your homework and make sure you compare apples to apples. Some brands offer a bigger playset with more options for the same money. Give extra attention to the options and the size of the playsets you’re comparing.

A Scalable Design

Today there are more options available for outdoor playsets than ever before. Consider the ages and number of your children for starters. If you want more space later, pick a modular, option-friendly design, which lets you add more attachments and options as your family grows.

Attention to the Details

Little details, such as rounded corners and smooth surfaces, all contribute to a higher value. Your children’s little hands and arms are tender and can easily get slivers or skinned up playing around sharp corners and rough surfaces. Try to find a playset built of lumber that has been milled to a smooth surface free of sharp corners.

Unique and Innovative Designs

With many different styles and options available, you no longer have to go with the flow and buy a cookie cutter outdoor playset. Try a unique playset built by forward-thinking designers.

Delivery and Easy Installation

If you choose to purchase a wooden swing set kit and assemble it yourself, you may be able to get it delivered to you for a good price, rather than hauling it home yourself. Ask about the difficulty level of assembling your set and make sure there are clear plans included.

If you don’t want to set it up yourself, you can choose a company with trained installers who can deliver your backyard playset and install it professionally. Professional installers can often get your set up in a hurry, and you will have peace of mind knowing that it was set up right and you won’t need to work that into your own schedule.

Ready Changeability

Do you want a playset that can change colors? It’s easy to freshen up and change the color of a wooden swingset by giving it a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Renewable Resource

Think about the resources your outdoor playset will use. Are these materials renewable? Consider Southern Yellow Pine, which has a harvest cycle of only 25h40 years. Harvesters ensure future resources by planting thousands of acres each year as they harvest. This would be a good choice for a wooden swingset.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Choose a swingset brand that offers a warranty against defects. If you choose a wood swingset, make sure it’s protected against rotting or fungal decay.

Lasting Memories

Memories made with your children are priceless. Interacting with your children on an outdoor playset in the backyard is bound to create precious, fun-filled memories. Now is the time to seize those short-lived opportunities with your children. Soon it will be too late.

Buy a sturdy, high quality outdoor playset that will give you good service and help you make good memories for years to come.

Since 1992, the team at Play Mor Swing Sets has been working hard to design and build a unique line of backyard playsets for children that encourage families to spend quality time together in their own backyard. They firmly believe that “children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

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Backyard Playground Sets

The benefits of consistent exercise are well known; however, backyard playground sets for children have a number of additional paybacks. Every summer children scream the inevitable “I’m bored,” and “Can I go outside?” Why not provide the ultimate backyard playground? Play area sets deliver an easily accessible alternative to long drives to the local park. They also provide children with a sense of close adventure, plenty of exercise and imaginative freedom. Wood swings also offer added fun to any setting.

What Are the Benefits of Backyard Playground Sets?

The benefits of outdoor play areas reach beyond the obvious. Of course children get plenty of exercise and exposure to fresh air; however, play sets offer a number of unique benefits. For example, well-constructed sets provide children the opportunity to use their cognitive reasoning and problem solving skills. Play area sets constructed with twists and turns, different levels of height and interesting knickknacks, such as a built-in puzzle, can increase a child’s reasoning and problem solving skills. Younger children benefit from increased ability to use their motor skills.

Research also shows that children who participate on playgrounds develop good social skills. For example, children engaged on playgrounds typically decide to play games with other children. They may opt to play tag or hide-and-go-seek using the playground set as the foundation for the game. In addition to a backyard area set, wooden swing sets provide an additional activity for children to engage in.

What Are My Options for Wood Swing Sets?

Wooden swings offer a classic approach to passing time. Swinging is fun, for children and adults. They also provide several benefits. The movement of a swing is simple enough; however, a lot of internal processes are at work during the act of swinging. Children benefit from swinging by focusing the distribution of their energy. This provides physical benefits. It also requires that a child focus on the body’s control and energy during the swinging process. Wood swings are the perfect introduction to a lesson in physics that a child controls.

There are several types of wooden swings available. You can select a configuration that meets the needs of your family size. For example, you can select a one, two or three swing set, which allows for a number of children to play together. Combination sets include one or two swings attached to a play jungle. You can also purchase standalone wood swing sets.

Backyard play sets offer a sense of adventure and imagination. They also provide the exercise, cognitive development and motor skills practice children need to grow up happy and healthy. Wood swings are a classic approach to summertime fun and provide a child with one of their first independent experiences.

Looking for quality Backyard playground sets and wood swing sets? has been providing safe, quality, creative, and exciting play equipment for families to enjoy.

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Backyard Grill Com

Backyard spaces are great party venues. The open air setting can help put a lot of people at ease. Nobody wants to be cramped indoors during a house party. The outdoors can provide a cool place where everyone can move freely around. For homeowners, it gives them a sense of peace knowing that their valuable antiques will never be knocked over from their perch inside or that their carpets will never receive a drop of wine.

A party-perfect backyard is simple to orchestrate. All you never need are a few great sets of teak patio furniture. These pieces of furniture are simply elegant and comfortable to use. When you are lucky enough to own a sprawling backyard, you can create several areas where people can move about and party on.

A relaxing lounge can be created with the use of teak deep seating sofa. Your girl friends and buddies can huddle closer in this seat and it creates a cozy and relaxing area for conversations. There’s no need for shouting when everybody seated can be heard clearly. Your guests will feel more comfortable as if they’re sitting in their homes. Hence, the area will easily be filled with laughter and happy memories as you and your friends keep partying on.

If you have a backyard grill, you can be sure to draw more people out. Using the dining teak patio furniture, you can feast in style outdoors. The sturdy table will be a great setting for sumptuous dishes and cool drinks. Visitors can eat in total comfort as food and drinks can be easily passed around.

You can also scatter various teak patio furniture pieces in your patio for your guests to use and linger on. Courting friends can snatch a few moments together in teak benches. Your tipsy buddies can lie down for a while in teak loungers. You can also place some teak bar tables and chairs all over the yard to recreate that hip outdoor party place.

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Backyard Driving Range

It’s hard to find time to practice you golf game when life gets in the way. And the million dollar question is, even if you can find the time to practice golf are you sure the practicing the correct things to improve your golf game?

Here are a few golf tips to help you make the most of your time at the driving range.

1) Identify Your Weaknesses and Practice That Aspect Of your Game. One of the biggest mistakes golfers make when practicing – is that they practice what they are good at. I’m guilty of this myself and it’s easy to understand. When I’m pounding the ball off of the tee, but putting poorly — It’s much more fun to drive a bucket of balls off of the golf mats, strike a pose and watch the ball sail a few hundred yards rather than head down to the putting green and get depressed missing a pile of four-footers.

2) Now that you have determined what it if that you want to practice you have to you need to determine practice drills that will help. I also like to come up with goals that indicate success. For example I’ll pledge not to leave the practice green until I make 8 out of ten putts from without leaving a putt short. This is where professional golf instruction will pay off – have your golf pro give you specific drills to work on during your practice session and keep a golf practice journal to chart your progress as well as struggles. One of the worst things you can do is practice in ignorance – you could actually be practicing and reinforcing your swing faults.

3) Practice at Home – Ask your instructor for golf drills that you can do at home (inside or in your backyard). Some drills can even be done without a club or ball (core weight transfer drills, one piece takeaway,…) There are some great golf practice mats available today that make it easy to work on your short game in the backyard to help develop touch around the green.

4) Practice at the office – If you have a casual office atmosphere, see if you can get an office putting green. We have a putt off every day we can at my office and chart the results on a calendar for all to see. The putts are 6-foot and in and usually we keep the putting mat flat. You wouldn’t believe the pressure – great practice for the real thing.

5) Seek Feedback – Get A Golf Mirror or have your Spouse or friend give you feedback. Sometime what we think we are doing in our mind is not at all what we are doing in reality. If your trying not to sway or dip or slide – ask for some feedback or get some other training aids that will tell you the truth.

6) Practice slowly and deliberately on the driving range. If your in full swing mode for example go through your whole routine – pre shot, address, practice swing, and swing. And then evaluate each shot and try and pick-up and flaws in your swing. The Same goes for putting drills on the practice green – approach each shot like it’s the real deal. This will increase your consistency dramatically when it’s time to take it to the course.

7) Journal – Journal – Journal – Journal your practice sessions and rounds played. Track fairways, greens in regulation, and putts at a minimum. And remember to practice the weak areas of your game. You may not see a drop in your scores right away, but stay with and I guarantee you will. A good positive measure is to to track your good holes for example how many pars, birdies, and bogies (depending on your handicap) did you get. If you better your good scores, your big numbers will also drop and you’ll start seeing better scores.

Jay McGrath is the inventor and manufacturer of the Real Feel Golf Mat and other backyard golf practice aids. Please visit for all of your backyard golf practice mat needs.

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Backyard Shade

Enhance your home and yard with these backyard products that can help create your dream backyard.


You can slowly build a nice looking garden art collection one piece at a time and really give your backyard a classy look. Many nice looking pieces can currently be bought online anywhere from $60 to $120.

Some good examples of what you can find out there for your backyard or garden are animal statues, angel statues, gargoyle statues, dragon statues, and classical fountain statues. Garden statues are one of my favorite décor choices as they look really beautiful and get lots of reactions and comments from friends and neighbors.

These garden statues can be placed just about anywhere. Put them near a fountain or inside a shallow pond. Also along any border such as near a fence works quite well. And don’t forget the patio or perhaps under a garden shade make nice options as well.


Garden Fountains can be surprisingly inexpensive. They are self-contained, usually coming with a hidden pump that will circulate the water. Garden fountains as well as statues are extremely resistant to outdoor elements and are designed to last a lifetime.

A great location to put a garden fountain is outside a window of one of your most used rooms in the house. This will give you a tremendously enhanced personal view of your backyard. Nice and relaxing and good for the soul!


Unleash your imagination and buy a backyard swing-sets or a children’s play-set. Most play-sets come with multiple levels, in which the kids can climb a rock wall or ladder to get to the higher levels.

Then zoom down the slide to get back down. Other features usually include monkey bars, swings and rope ladders. Installing a play-set can be a full days work with just one or two people, so be sure to get plenty of help from friends and family and save some time and labor.

Old school style swing sets are not as popular as they once were. It is just too easy now to go out and find a full functioning play-set.

If you own a pool, children absolutely love swimming pool slides. They come in a variety of colors that can match you backyard decor and theme.


Enjoy the comfort and peace of a backyard hammock. If possible set your hammock up between two trees. If this is not possible you can buy a stand-alone hammock that support itself or even attach it to housing structures.

Shade sails, garden sails, canopies and umbrellas can add not only shade, but they can be colorful and add a nice bit of charm to any backyard. Not only can you put a square sail shade up, but consider other popular shapes such as triangular shade sails that can be strung up next to one another or overlapped for a very sharp looking backyard shade solution. Shading is one of the single most popular backyard products for a good reason.

Lounge chairs can be placed not only by the pool but under a patio or one of the above shading solutions. Place a small table nearby and enjoy a frosty cold drink while you relax for a nap or enjoy a good book during day light hours.

Hope you enjoyed some of these great backyard products. Now it’s time for you to get out there and get busy on your backyard!

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Backyard Designs With Pool

A backyard recreation area can be made more enjoyable with a functional and attractive design. With the right design around the pool area, the space can be made to feel more like an oasis or relaxing retreat. Pool landscaping pictures can help you determine what features will work best for your situation, to transform the area into the oasis you always dreamed of.

Design Ideas for Above Ground Pools

The standing walls can create challenges in coming up with above ground pool landscaping ideas. This is where a bit of creativity can help. A privacy fence is often installed for safety purposes. At the same time, an attractive fence can add some texture and color to the space. Typical wood fencing can be stained or painted. Adding a hanging waterfall, creeping vines, or planter boxes to the above ground pool, can give the space a more natural feel.

To keep water from splashing out of the pool to a minimum, add some planting beds with mulch and easy-to-care-for shrubs of an interesting color. For privacy, a raised deck with latticework can provide a relaxing space for patio furniture or chaise lounge chairs. The lattice can be used for growing creeping vines or hanging baskets of perennials. This can give the space more of an island feel.

Design Suggestions for Inground Pools

There are many different inground pool landscaping ideas. Some attractiveness can be added by using a combination of shrubs, flowers, stones, and fountains. A creative look with plenty of natural features can help the space feel more like a resort. Also, it can make the backyard more inviting and have more people over your house for parties.

An inground pool provides a place to relax and unwind, so the area should feel comfortable. Make sure to be creative with the designs on the concrete surrounding the pool’s edge, along with a patio area. Create a special place for enjoying the sun or sipping on cool drinks. Inground pool landscape ideas can include a soothing waterfall and rock feature spilling directly into the pool can give it a spa-like feel.


There are many approaches to pool landscaping projects. Much of the decision will depend on how the area is used and what homeowners want in a backyard recreation or relaxation area around the pool. If space is limited, the homeowner may need to be more creative in designing a backyard oasis. However, browsing through several photos on landscaping and backyard design websites can be quite helpful.

If you want to learn more about pool landscaping [], be sure to visit here [] for more information.

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Sports Nets For Backyard

With batting cage netting, there are many things to consider before making a final decision. Dimensions are always important, depending upon the amount of space provided, yet pitching equipment components in general are designed to be interchangeable while working in concert to achieve desired results. Whether attempting to house a full-sized batting cage or opting for the convenience of a portable pitching backstop, knowing what to look for in each respective piece of equipment can make a significant difference in terms of dependability and satisfaction.

For personal backyard use, batting cage netting set-ups are the most convenient. A variety of soft toss nets are perfect for hitting from the tee and light shagging exercises. The Bownet Big Mouth Portable Baseball Screen can be set up in a matter of minutes with no tools required. Its measurements are 7 x 7 feet and can also be used indoors.

The Jugs Instant Baseball Screen is strictly geared for hitting and throwing. Its circular design measures 7 x 8 feet and folds up into a perfect 3 foot circle. Set-up and take-down can be done in a snap. The mesh is comparable to major league batting cage netting and is great for sluggers on the go.

For the heavy hitters in league play and beyond, larger cages can range in lengths, widths and heights. Batting Cages USA furnishes a variety of complete packages to suit instructional league players and higher skill levels as well. Their # 30 Batting Cage roll-out measures 12W x 12H x 45L with diamond shaped reinforced black mesh. The full 45 foot extension enclosure allows hitters to see the ball’s trajectory after making solid contact and crushing it. Pretreated and weatherproofed, the # 30’s batting cage netting comes highly recommended by coaches who are exposed to an influx of harsh weather conditions. The # 30 is also great for one-on-one sessions pertaining to different techniques and stances.

The off the field practice cages continues to encompass the world of baseball with a variety of nets at competitive prices. SPI Nets showcases its # 21 Premium Poly Batting Poly Cage Net, featuring a sag-free design that can hold its weight on the windiest of days. Its premium breaking strength is primarily due to the mixture of polyethylene and nylon fiber blends; also treated to prevent the penetration of ultra violet rays, the # 21 is first-rate in quality batting cage netting for most any climate. The entire set-up measures in at an impressive 14W x 12H x 55L with an extra flap for pitching equipment access. SPI offers a list of other cages and nets as well, and they’re also capable of customizing made-to-order ensembles.

On Deck Sports is also getting in on the action with the BATCO Batting Cage. This unique dome-shaped tent-style design features weather-treated knot-less nylon for full visibility and it’s also a cinch to take down in approximately two minutes. This particular style of batting cage netting is also easier to condense for storage purposes. The overall size of the cage actually gives hitters the freedom to move around, measuring in at 54L x 18W x 12H. The BATCO can be used indoors and out, and is also great for both baseball and softball batting practice.

Whether performing light drills in the backyard or putting in a hard day swinging surrounded by nets, these cage nets are useful for three reasons: not having to chase after the ball every time it gets swatted, and to protect unsuspecting onlookers and especially those who aren’t looking at all. As batting cage netting can come in handy in these types of situations, it only makes sense to be sure that the nets are secure.

Jacob Bennet is a father of 4 boys and loves to coach his son’s baseball teams. His reviews of various team sports equipment including various types of batting cages, pitching equipment and even the detailed stuff like batting cage netting [] keep him busy when off the baseball field. He is eager to help both players and coaches make good sound decisions when searching for specific baseball or softball equipment including batting tees, baseball gloves, helmets and pitching machines and other related team sports equipment.

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Backyard Ice Skating Rink

Here are a few tips to help you get started building a backyard ice skating rink.

Step 1: Plan- Plan- Plan: There are a few things to consider before you get started.

o What will the rink be used for? Family skating or hosting ice hockey games? The ice hockey rink will need to be larger with higher walls to keep those wild flying hockey pucks from damaging any people or things that could be in the way. Walls on hockey rinks need to be reinforced to the appropriate levels for the skaters using the rink.

o How many people do you expect to be on the rink at the same time? You don’t want any collisions if your rink is too small to accommodate the number of excited skaters.

Step 2: Decide of the shape and location for your rink. The surface of the rink should be flat. Before the ground gets too cold, it is time to level the area. If you are planning to put stakes into the ground for the frame, better do that before the ground is frozen. Measure your rink and purchase the plastic sheeting to hold in the water. The liner will need to extend over the top of the wooden frame. White plastic usually works the best, freezes the fastest, keeps the ice crisp and fast.

Step 3: Lay down the plastic sheeting , and fill with water. Keep the excited children off your prized rink until it is good and frozen solid.

Step 4: Take lots of video and pictures. 10 years from now you will be glad that you did! Have a blast!

For a large selection of plastic sheeting/ liners for your ice skating rink, please visit Lee Hinsley – Global Plastic Sheeting, Global plastic sheeting specializes in many products which include surface protection films, fire retardant products, vapor retarders,drainage, liners, covers & root barriers, geotextiles, safety products, containments, tapes and accessories.

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Backyard Ideas For Kids

The holidays are here and it’s time to make your list for Christmas with gift ideas for kids. They aren’t that hard to buy for but it is getting more complicated due to the sheer amount of items one can purchase for the kids. Of course, the more gifts, the better the kids like them.

The first step is to find out what they want this year. They always want something but they do have something very special they want this year. Christmas gift ideas for kids can be anything from a small Lego kit to a full blown double seater electrical car.

Here the top 4 Christmas gift ideas for kids that have the music gene.

For the budding musicians, a Guitar Hero is the perfect gift. These are more than a fashion accessory; the kids can learn to play their favorite songs. They work with the Wii and PS2, plus they can do all the recording they want of their own songs.

Along with the Guitar Hero is the Roll Up Drum Kit for the drummer in the family. It comes with six sensor pads that easily plug into any computer via the USB ports. The software includes 48 different rhythms, and 8 special drum effects for the kids to make their own songs or add to existing songs. The Roll Up Drums can be taken anywhere they want to go, as long as there is electricity. Of course, they can take them on a camping trip to practice but unless they have a lot of batteries they won’t be able to hook up to a computer.

Another great Christmas gift idea for kids with a musical bent is the Musical Hands Mat. It can easily be roll up to take with them wherever they want to go. It has hand prints for the piano keys and features the sounds of a piano, bell, cat, and baby chicken. It also has 8 melodies they can play along with while they learn how to play the piano. Although, it’s designed for the little kids, bigger kids have been known to hog it.

Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard is an actual piano keyboard for the older kids. They won’t have to hog the Musical Hands Mat, they can play the piano whenever they want. They can learn to play or practice on this unique gift for kids with musical genes. It fits into any backpack and runs on batteries so they can play it in the car, while camping or in the backyard with the band from the neighborhood.

Of course, there are many other great Christmas gift ideas for kids who love music. Finding the right one for your child is a challenge you’ll have to face.

Don’t beat your head against the wall over Christmas shopping. Come to Easy Christmas Gifts [] and discover how easy shopping can be.

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Small Backyard Playsets

If your child is a naturally playful climber, it may be time for you to take that energy outside! Today’s plastic backyard playgrounds come in a variety of options. But, like most major purchases, choosing the right one can go a long way in keeping your little clubhouse climber safe and entertained.

While today’s plastic playsets are built according to strict safety codes that all manufacturers must follow, there are still features to look for that will ensure the safest possible choice for your child.

Rounded corners. Rounded edges create fewer opportunities for your little ones to snag themselves or their clothing and pose a less serious falling hazard should they fall directly on a corner.

Smooth surfaces. While plastic playsets are molded with smooth surfaces, woodland climbers depend on the type of wood used. If you are choosing wood, make sure the wood type is unlikely to splinter and will hold up well in strenuous weather conditions over time.

Nuts and bolts that sit flush to the parts. While most playsets come with predrilled holes for installation, they don’t always sit flush to the pieces they are holding in place. Make sure that these are tightly installed and do not rise above the surface.

Structural strength. Plastic playgrounds are built sturdy. But they do have an age and weight limit. Consider them to be primarily aimed at toddlers. When it comes to wooden playgrounds,in order to provide a lot of features at a low price, some manufacturers use wood that meets the minimum requirement but is very thin for extensive use. Make sure the beams and support panels are sturdy and will not bend over time.

Unsafe openings. Openings that are between 3 ½ inches to 9 inches present the danger of head entrapment. Be wary of features that may harm a curious explorer.

“S” hooks. Open “S” hooks are considered potential entrapment and strangulation hazards that can catch on children’s clothing. Make sure that these are tightly closed and not in a reachable area for small children.

Moving parts. Make certain that there are no exposed moving parts. Tiny fingers and hands can be easily pinched or crushed. All moving parts should be covered to prevent children from injury.

Keeping your child safe on your backyard playset begins with choosing the right one. Choose wisely and you will enjoy your purchase for years to come-and expel some of that energy!

For a complete resource on choosing a backyard playground and more great benefits of the Step 2 Naturally Playful Climbers, visit our site at [].

Doug and Judy Kramer are parents of six of their own kids. They are full-time parents, and in their spare time they are cultural architects, youth and young adult relationship-builders, writers, Web innovators, speakers, and friends to many.

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