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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Backyard

Apart from termite pest control, another challenge for pest controllers is raccoon control. This creature has been a source of nuisance in most North-west residential areas of United States. So far, termites seem to be a big problem because it is tough to control or eradicate them but all thanks to those that specialize in termite control, this problem been under control. The residents of North-west United States however, have additional problems with raccoon removal. For eradicating this problem, you need a brief description about how Raccoons attack and how to respond in times of their insurgence. This will help you in sorting out the raccoon problem in your house and be able to communicate it to the professionals.

What are raccoons? What is their instinctive behavior?

Raccoons are mammals that inhabit forests. They love to live in the forest but they are very adaptive when it comes to adjusting to changing climatic conditions. If your house is near to any forestry or park, you will likely to see them around your house. The worst part is that they are very difficult to catch and they create a lot of messes. They are agile creatures and can easily find hideouts when they fear humans around.

Normally, they can be found in your backyard or on the roof tops, so keep your eyes open and create barriers so that they cannot enter your home. They are notorious for stealing your food and other valuables. They love to reside in places like hoses, ducts, attics or chimneys because these are the places where humans can’t see them. They are the perfect hiding places.

How to get rid of Raccoons

These animals are very much a nuisance also because they don’t get easily distracted. Their hiding place is sometimes out of reach of residents or homeowners. They can be dangerous when they attack. Try to keep a distance when you attempt to shoo them away.

They cannot tolerate loud sounds and they will eventually scurry if they hear a loud irritating sound. You can try a radio with a booster voice connection and put the antennas straight to catch the signals near the area that they are hiding. Keep the radio on for hours, as it may take them some time to understand that the noise will not go away. Wait and watch but don’t stand where they are hiding and leave the radio on. After sometime, you will see that they will leave the place.

Another way to get rid of these creatures is by putting on the lights. They don’t like bright lights and that is why they hide in dark places. Thus you can expect them to be hiding in places like chimneys and roof attics, cupboards, closets, etc. Check out all such places and try to hear the baby raccoons calling their parents. Focus a sharp light in a place where you suspect they may be hiding. Leave the light on for a few minutes and you will see them depart from your home. If both the methods come out to be futile, call your local experts who know much about raccoon removal and control.

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