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Home offices are, typically, on the boring side. You might have an entire room that serves as your office, or perhaps just a section of the family room or bedroom. You probably have a simple desk, office chair, computer, printer, small desk lamp, and maybe even a dying, potted plant sitting in the corner.

There might be some personal touches strewn about such as family pictures on the desk or maybe a motivational poster thrown up on the wall. I mean, who wouldn’t be motivated by the “Hang in there, baby!” poster featuring a kitten clinging onto a piece of rope?

Did we just describe your home office? If so, we are sorry to inform you that it’s boring. If you were giving a tour of your house to a guest, we would suggest skipping over the office entirely. But, seriously, aren’t all home offices yawn-producers? Not quite.

We’ve tracked down some creative home offices that will hopefully get you thinking of ways to spruce up your own home office.

Apple of His Eye

David Wu, an entrepreneur and product designer in Hong Kong, has taken his love for Apple and its stores to the extreme. His home office is actually a smaller version of an Apple store. Wu paid attention to every detail. From the Fetzer Maple Wood Desks that are normally found in Apple stores to even the shelves he had installed that are now lined with various Apple products, Wu captured the exact look and feel of an Apple store. The only thing missing is wandering Apple employees asking, “What brings you to Mr. Wu’s office today?”

Take It Outside

Who says you have to have an office inside your home? Your perfect office setting might just be your backyard. The HGTV show “Take It Outside” featured an episode with freelance journalist Susie Wall. Wall already had an indoor office, but she felt she could benefit from a little fresh air every and then. Designer Kelly Deck drew inspiration from Wall’s indoor office and settled upon an Asian-inspired design to create a serene, peaceful atmosphere (notice the bubbling Buddha water fountain). Oh, and those boards hanging in front of the desk? They’re magnetic so papers won’t go flying if there’s a strong breeze. To learn more about this design, visit the HGTV website.

Hail to the Chief

There is absolutely nothing wrong with lifting home office design ideas from someone else’s office. In fact, we hope that you may have been inspired by some of these other offices we have listed. Sure, obviously not everyone can create a home office in their backyards or take their love of Apple products to an insane level, but hopefully you saw something that triggered an “Aha!” moment for you. However, there are some people who have literally duplicated exactly what they’ve seen in their own homes. One of these people is Texan Ron Wade. Well, maybe you should call him President Ron Wade, if you ever visit his home. You see, his home office is a mini replica of the Oval Office in the White House.

It took Wade almost three and a half years to recreate the most famous office in the world. He employed 250 workers and spent $250,000 in his quest for his own personal Oval Office. He also happens to own plenty of presidential memorabilia, including over 300,000 presidential buttons and he even drives the car that President John F. Kennedy used during his final months in office. His reasoning behind wanting his own Oval Office? He was bored and was looking for something to do. You can learn more about Ron Wade’s story HERE.

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