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Just one year ago, Beth McCaskill, a Gainesville, Georgia competitive tennis player 
began brainstorming ideas on how to grow the businesses that keep Georgia tennis 
topping the charts nationally. With so many national companies advertising and selling 
tennis essentials online, Georgia businesses fight for their share of the retail market. 
Georgia has more competitive tennis players than ANY other state in the U.S. The 
tennis clubs in Georgia have the best pros and facilities in the U.S. and need to reap 
some reward. There had to be a way to connect the Georgia tennis community with all 
the tennis-related businesses and facilities in Georgia. There was also a need to assist 
the tennis clubs in bringing these tennis players to their courts.

The web site features monthly newsletters and informative articles including audio from 
Luke Jensen (Georgia resident French Open Doubles Title Holder) and ‘Juniors Corner’ 
by collegiate player Brooke Nord. Other key features include maps to all Georgia tennis 
clubs and stores (over 2400), weather, featured events and tournaments, tennis club 
web-page links, tennis club event calendars and international professional tennis news. 
Photographs taken at statewide junior tournaments will also be highlighted.

“Why should Georgia tennis players be purchasing online when Georgia tennis stores 
have everything the internet offers and more right here in our own backyards?” says 
McCaskill. “Now our players can easily know everything that’s available at ALL the 
facilities in Georgia.” One Atlanta tennis store owner phoned McCaskill saying “Your 
web site is just what we needed, let’s go!”

Tennis Players Network, which started as a twinkle in a tennis lover’s eye, has now 
grown over 123% in a short period of time. In a message to McCaskill, one University 
coach writes “Let’s put our tennis team on the map!” Atlanta club pro wrote “Thanks for 
growing tennis, and giving us this opportunity.”

“No, I am not an internet mogul,” jokes McCaskill, “but I am delighted and proud to have 
created a way to connect Georgia businesses to the tennis community. Tennis in 
Georgia is tremendous compared to the other states with over 121,000 players, and 
people work hard to make it that way. NO dollars should be leaving our state and going 
to national or international companies. When Georgia businesses tap into the Georgia 
tennis ‘family’ I will say that my job is a success!”

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