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Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard

Now that the summer is pretty much over and the weather is cooling down more families are spending time outside together. Gone are the days when as you walk outside and it feels like you can cook an egg on your car hood. So now what are your plans for the fall until the long and cold winter comes along like an unwanted pest?

One of the things that I am planning on doing this fall is to make some improvements to my backyard. This summer I grew a very nice lawn for the first time and even managed to keep a couple of flowers and other plants alive. So now that my backyard is looking pretty nice I am looking to spend some more time back there so that my family and I can enjoy all the hard work I put in.

One of our family’s favorite things to do is to eat and to eat is what we do. But before we can get our eat on we have to get our cooking on and my favorite way to cook is outdoors. I think one of the reasons that I love to cook outside is because it reminds me of camping and great times with my family. So obviously I love to BBQ and since the backyard has gotten finished I decided that we also needed a built in BBQ island so that I always had an excuse to throw a nice juicy steak on the grill. My wife never complains because that means she isn’t doing the cooking and that is better that Christmas for her.

We have really enjoyed having our new BBQ island because it has everything that we need to get some serious cooking and BBQ-ing on. Ours has a larger than average grill so there’s always room for burgers, steak, chicken anything you want grilled up. Then there a nice sink, lots of counter space to get everything prepped, and even a fridge, what else could you ask for? Whenever we have guest over they are always telling me how much they love our new BBQ island and how they wish they had one so we tend to have a lot of get togethers at our place now and we love it.

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