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Fun Backyard Ideas

Looking for fun date ideas? When you have been in a relationship for some time it is easy to become complacent and spend less time together instead of more. Life gets busy and unfortunately, we begin to take each other for granted and put less effort into the relationship. A date night is a fantastic way to combat this problem and give the both of you some much needed time together.

Here are a few new date night ideas that will help bring you back together again.

Backyard Antics

You may be thinking that getting away is just too expensive; therefore, some of your favorite activities are simply out of the question. If you have a decent sized backyard, you might be surprised at the fun date night you can have.

Do you both enjoy camping but do not have the time or the money to head out for an entire weekend? Why not set the tent up in the backyard? Recapture your childhood with this simple “camping” trip! If possible, build a small fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Who said you had to go a long distance to enjoy a night out under the stars?

If you would rather sleep in your own soft comfortable bed but need a fun date night idea, why not string up some romantic lights, (left over white Christmas lights will do the trick) and have a cozy dinner under the stars. You can make this as elegant or simple as you like, bring out the fine china or simple paper plates the point is enjoy the time together.

Local Fun

You may have more options than you have considered, particularly if you live in an urban area. Museums, local theater, concerts in the park and annual festivals are all fabulous ideas for a fun date night. Of course, you should both be at least a little interested in the activity, if you find contemporary art a bit boring you may want to skip that type of showing. Check your local paper or city website for fun date night ideas.

Dance Lessons

Have you ever considered learning ballroom dancing? Most people would not consider a class as a fun date night idea; however, it could work for you and your partner. You will get to spend time together, learning something new and most importantly holding each other through the steps. This can actually forge a stronger bond, while being great fun as well. Later, once you have graduated, you will have yet another tool in your date night handbag.


If you and your partner are able to compete and not draw swords, games are a fun date night idea. This activity is not for every couple however, as highly competitive people or those who are easily hurt when they lose will not find this a very conducive date night activity. For those who can compete, laugh and still love board games, bowling, miniature golf and even a rousing game of one on one can be a great alternative date.


Too often people think dates have to be a spectacular event at the best restaurant followed by a movie or theater production and while that is all nice it is by far not the only way to have a great time together. Get creative when planning your date nights, think about what each of you enjoy or are passionate about. Some couples have the time of their lives serving at a local homeless shelter or walking the dogs for the Humane Society. The important thing to remember is to have a good time.

Arminda Dumpierrez shares more fun date ideas [http://www.how-to-find-love.org/fun-date-ideas.html] and more on how to find love at How-to-Find-Love.org [http://www.how-to-find-love.org]

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