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Fence For Backyard

Whenever you are figuring out how to build a fence you will want to keep both appearance and construction in mind. You will also need to keep the fence’s support in mind, as this is very important. Armed with this information you are ready to begin to build a fence for your yard.

What You’ll Need To Build A Fence

In order to build a fence you will need: 

  • Cement
  • Shovel
  • String line
  • Nail gun
  • Circular saw
  • Chop saw

Prepare Your Posts

Lay out the posts with 6 feet between each one. Use a piece of string to keep them lined up.

Prepare Your Holes

Dig 18-inch deep holes with a posthole digger. Put your posts in these holes.

Prepare Your Cement

Mix the cement. Fill all of your postholes with cement so that they are level with the ground. Make sure that they are level and plum before your concrete sets up.

Time To Rest

Allow the posts to set for 24 hours before you finish building your fence. You have to make sure the concrete has dried and is firm before you set the posts because otherwise your posts could be crooked. Crooked posts make for uneven fences.

Finishing Touches

Cut the top and lower fence rail once the posts are set. Nail them 4 feet apart with a ΒΌ inch gap between them. Trim the excess wood off of the top of your post. Seal your fence with oil-based wood sealer so that it won’t warp or crack.

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