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Easy Backyard Landscaping

Spring is almost here and you’re thinking about garden decor of your home. A backyard landscape or home garden area can increase the value of your home or decrease its curb appeal. We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but the outside of your home does influence its overall attractiveness to a potential guest or buyer. The outside of a home tells you a little about what’s inside and the people that live there. A little investment of time and money in your yard and garden decorations could mean big benefits for you.   

Before you give it too much thought, get out there and clean the yard where you will be setting up your backyard garden area.  
1.       The most obvious place to start is mowing the lawn and getting rid of any weeds you can. There are products that will kill every sort of weed and not harm what grass you have growing. Check your local hardware store for a variety of Ortho(TM) products and choose the one that’s right for your yard. 
2.       Clean any cement areas with a mild detergent and use a push broom for scrubbing spots and sweeping away the dirt and water. For grease stains you can try Lestoil(TM) or TSP (short for tri sodium phosphate) both are excellent for removing grease and are inexpensive. 
3.       Clean wooden decks the same way; be sure to wash away all detergent. Scrub or scrape any peeling paint or finish. Sand any rough spots and set all loose nails and screw heads. Replace any boards that are unsafe. 
4.       Pull old plants and turn the dirt, add some fresh soil and fertilizer to all your pots and window boxes as well as any area you will be planting. Fill any holes in the yard with a little of this mixture. 
5.       The ideal time to trim back trees is fall but if you didn’t get it done then do it now. Trim any hedges and bushes as well. Trim bushes and trees to give them shape and hardiness and increase the vision around your home for beauty and safety. 
6.       Clean up all branches and large debris. Rake the yard to loosen and remove dead grass and leaves, pull weeds from around trees, sidewalks and decking.  
7.       Use a garden hose and spray the outside of the house to clear old bee nests and webs.

Please remember to watch for our children. About every 4 hours in the U.S. a child is backed over in a driveway or parking lot. Children like to play in and around cars, please be sure to: Always Turn Off Your Car|Lock the Doors|and Take The Keys Check around your car to make sure it is clear of all obstacles and children before you back up. These 7 tips for easy backyard landscaping are a basic necessity to your overall design. Once these steps are take you could have a new outlook on the beauty of your home and will help you plan how to plan for your outdoor garden living area.

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