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Dog Runners For Backyards

Depending on where you live, a dog fence may be mandatory, and it is always a great idea. You may feel at first with a puppy that you are restricting their movements and making them unhappy, but in reality, you are keeping them safe. You will see as a dog owner that your first responsibility is going to be keeping your dog safe. Dogs that do not have proper fencing or that are not on a leash can get into trouble.

A car or animal that is going by may harm your dog and cause you more pain in the end. Therefore, you should construct the proper fencing for your dog. You should also be aware of the weather. Your dog will need some form of shelter for rain, cold weather or even hot weather so keep this in mind when you are forming the fenced in backyard or tying them to a runner.

Building an Enclosure

In order to build an enclosure you have to understand your dog. Some dogs have the ability to escape by digging or jumping over the fence. If you have a large dog, you will need plenty of backyard and a higher fence. You should also make sure to bury the fencing into the earth to make it more difficult to dig through when you have a smaller dog. You also need to know how you plan to use the fence.

If you are just going to use the fence for when you are home, then you probably do not need something to extravagant. On the other hand, if you are using it for a daily basis rather than keeping your dog cooped up while you are at work you should have something that will really keep them secure while providing them with plenty of space to play.

You might feel horrible for keeping your dog inside a fence all day, but remember it is for their safety. Training your dog to stay can be extremely helpful and should be done, but you have to realize instinct can over come the training you have provided your dog in some instances.

Your dog is an important part of the family so offering the best in safety should be your first priority. You would not set your baby outside without a fence and leave them without supervision whether they understand your command to stay in the yard or not. So do not make the mistake with your puppy or dog.

You do not always have to restrict you dog to the fenced in yard when you are home. You can take your dog for walks or let them play in dog parks, but again this is when you are providing supervision for them and allowing them the exercise they need.

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