Magnificent Diy Backyard Makeover 38 In Home Decoration Planner with Diy Backyard Makeover

Diy Backyard Makeover

Are you desperately in need of a home makeover, but don’t want to go into debt just trying to redecorate? If you want to smarten up a room but don’t want to break the bank, keep reading for ten great tips that will help you with a bit of affordable and simple interior decorating.

1. Move the furniture around. Shift the furniture a short distance from the walls and reposition it at different and more appealing angles. Not only will you open up the space for conversation and flow, you’ll change the total look and dimensions of the room.

2. Paint it. Paint is the cheapest home improvement project with the biggest impact. For a contemporary look, try painting just one wall with a favorite accent color. Your feature color can be as vibrant or as understated as you want, but make sure the rest of the room complements it. Alternatively, you can paint the room walls a solid, darker color – then once dry, lightly soak a new sponge into a lighter color paint and dab the walls with it to create attractive designs throughout.

To really attract attention to your focal wall, hang a piece of art or a favorite photograph. Instantly, your eyes will be drawn to that part of the room.

3. Bring the backyard inside. New plants are an easy way to add a touch of freshness to any room. Be sure to place an attractive plate or pan with turned up edges underneath to capture water that may leak out the bottom of the plant pot. If you’re not a skilled gardener, opt for silk plants and trees for an artificial solution. You can also create an indoor green space by placing plants on a stacked holder in an unused corner.

4. Get a new rug. A new area rug is an easy way to make a room feel more cozy and comfortable. Find a rug that complements your space, but also has some color or an interesting design.

5. Make a photo collage on a focal wall. Collect frames at your local thrift shop, flea market or antique store and use them to make a photo collage on a favorite wall or up your stairway.

6. Update the fixtures and faucets. For relatively little cost, new plumbing fixtures are a simple way to make a space feel new and modern. Be sure to first turn off the water leading to the faucets before replacing fixtures.

7. Light up your life. Brighten up your space and your decorating style with new lamps. You can mix and match lamp shades and bases for a trendy, new lighting solution in any room.

8. Use wallpaper to create a textured wall. Textured wallpaper is hot and easy to paint over, so use it to give your walls an expensive, three-dimensional feel.

9. Replace your furniture hardware. Update your cabinetry and furniture with new knobs and pulls.

10. Get rid of clutter. It’s simple and effective – getting rid of clutter is the easiest and cheapest way to instantly revitalize a space. Either donate or sell your unwanted items to create space and openness on a tight budget.

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