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Design Your Own Backyard

Looking to spice up your outdoor living space for the upcoming fall season? There’s no better way to increase character, charm and individuality to an outdoor area than by adding some of the season’s hottest garden structures like pergolas, garden arbors, outdoor columns, raised accent beds and, of course, fire pits. The problem lies in choosing just which garden design is best for you.

Whether you’re a homeowner designing your own backyard oasis or a seasoned outdoor architect, thanks to the never-ending selection of outdoor structures, the process of choosing the best outdoor living design to compliment a home and the needs of a family, can be a bit overwhelming.

If parties for quaint gatherings are a regular occurrence in your family’s backyard, then the addition of a pergola to your outdoor living area might be just perfect. These garden structures really do offer the best of both worlds. They exude rural charm, yet add a modern, chic feel to any backyard design.

Pergolas are great for offering reprieve from the intense summer and fall sun. Add a few never-out-of-style Cape Cod Adirondack Chairs under your white fiberglass pergola perched upon a stone fixture, and you’ve got yourself a picture-perfect backyard gathering spot. An even bigger selling point, some companies have created maintenance-free pergola designs. They’re stylish, practical and require no maintenance. You just can’t beat it.

Garden Arbors

Garden arbors are striking additions to any outdoor living area. Garden arbors come in a number of different designs such as arch, gothic and gable and are made from various materials like copper, iron, fiberglass, wood, vinyl, plastic and metal. There truly is something for everyone, no matter what backyard style you want to establish.

Add your own touch of personality and charm by allowing your favorite flowers or ivy to grow around a wooden or fiberglass arbor. It creates a picturesque grand entrance to any outdoor living space.

Outdoor Columns

Wanting to add incredible class and character to your property? Exquisite outdoor columns made of cast stone are definitely the way to go. They’re both easy to install and incredibly durable. Whether it’s in the form of driveway columns, like those below, or yard columns, cast stone products are top of the line in outdoor architecture. 
Add a cast iron, gothic-style gate and fine trimmed shrubbery, and you’ve created a regal entrance to any property.

Raised Accent and Garden Beds

For those with a green thumb who are interested in finding the perfect spot to showcase their flower-growing prowess, raised accent beds are a great addition to any gardener’s backyard. They’re the ideal way to display flowers and create gorgeous gardens and fountains.

And for people who love growing their own, healthy veggies right at home, mix in a few raised garden beds. Gardens have a tendency to get a bit out of control, which is why raised garden beds are ideal. They help to contain veggies and enable a large garden to grow in a small area. Plus, the compact space of a raised garden bed makes upkeep and maintenance much easier.

Red Cedar beds are a great choice. They’re not only durable and attractive, but the cedar actually fights off rotting and insects.

But if cedar isn’t what you want, there are a number of maintenance-free, cast stone raised accent beds that add a more refined and dramatic look. The mixture of flowing greens and vibrant flowers is a must-have for any fall backyard landscape.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Just because cool temperatures are quickly approaching doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the backyard for the season. In fact, the fun is just beginning.

There’s no better way to fend off those end-of-summer blues than by snuggling up around an outdoor fireplace. Honestly, on those chilly nights, what’s more cozy than gathering around a backyard fire pit and roasting marshmallows?

A Backyard Sanctuary

Whether it’s a combination of a charming garden pergola and the exquisiteness of cast stone columns, or the coupling of an adorable garden arbor and a raised accent bed, the end result can be spectacular. So spectacular in fact, one won’t ever want to leave the confines of their comfy backyard again. Who needs a vacation this fall, when there’s a retreat just steps from your back door?

Diane Deluca is the marketing director for Eye Level Corporation and a big fan of elegant outdoor living spaces that put a vacation right outside the backdoor. Eye Level is a manufacturer of modern, maintenance-free outdoor living design products, including cast stone columns, garden arbors, raised accent beds, hose reels, mailbox posts, and their signature pergola designs.

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