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A cage or pen in which chicken or other poultry is housed is known as a coop. Boxes are contained in these coops for the chickens to lay eggs and get snug, while the chickens relax and sleep on perches that are also present in these coops.

There are basically two main types of coops, the ones that feature open housing for the chickens and the ones that feature closed housing. Those who believe their chicken will fall ill if they are kept cooped up prefer using the ones that have the least covering and made mostly of wiring. On the other hand, those who believe that they need to protect their chickens from the elements to keep them healthy prefer using enclosed coops that keep the birds protected and have large doors.

For those who want to breed chicken, choosing the right chicken coop design is not an easy task since there are so many designs available on the internet. There are, in fact, all sorts coop designs available out there; some are costly while others are affordable, some seem to be ideal while others are just ineffective. Thus, whether you want to choose a coop design for your chickens or design a coop on your own,these are the things you should look for.

When looking for a good chicken coop plan, you should make sure the ones you are considering are easy to clean. One of the reasons behind the failure of certain coop blueprints is that they tend to be really difficult to clean. Coop designs that can be easily cleaned and maintained are definitely worth buying. To ensure proper and runoff, you should make sure that the floor of the coop is sloped downwards, you should avoid going for coop designs where the door opens outwards. Those with an inward opening door are the right choice.

Sufficient ventilation should be essentially allowed by a chicken coop design. you should never go for coop designs with poor ventilation as it would get unhealthy for your chickens, and they might get suffocated. Windows should be present in a coop, and it should be made sure that they are easy to open or slide. Similarly, the door of the coop should also be easy to open, whether it is made of wire mesh or plexi.

When choosing a chicken coop plan or when designing one, a good light source should also be present inside. Fluorescent or electric bulbs can be installed in the coop for this purpose. During cold seasons, the light source will even heat up the coop and keep the chickens warm.

When looking for a chicken coop design, you should go for the one that recommends the use of quality materials and wood. If the doors and windows are being built of wire mesh, then the mesh should be thick enough. This way, any predators that might want to prey on the chicken can be kept out.

While there is a lot more that needs to be considered when choosing an appropriate chicken coop design, however, by keep these in mind you will be able to select the right one.

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