Elegant D1 Backyard Rinks 95 With Additional Home Design Ideas with D1 Backyard Rinks

D1 Backyard Rinks

As the weather gets colder throughout the country, many families are looking for unique ways to get their children out of the house and outside to play. Although it’s fun to play out in the snow, you do need one thing — snow! If you live in a cold weather climate and are looking to be the neighborhood’s most talked about attraction, consider building your own ice rink right in your own yard. It’s easier than you think!

Step #1: Consider The Slope Of Your Yard

The first thing to do before you even begin construction is to consider the slope of your yard. You want the surface to be as level as possible. If you need to, apply a layer of sand on the ground and do whatever you can to make it level. Also try to determine where any underground power lines are. Many local power companies will come out and mark the lines, but they typically need about a week’s notice to do it, so plan ahead!

Step #2: Build A Frame To Build Your Surface

To start building a rink, the first step is to create a frame. This can be made with wood or even with PVC pipe. Create a rectangular or square shape — the size depends entirely on how big your yard is and what size you want.

If you’re using boards, lay the boards together and attach the corners with L brackets. Also make sure that you’re using a reinforcing bar to secure the frame to the ground. This is why you need to know where the power lines are — you don’t want to shove a bar of reinforced steel into a power line!

As you build up your frame, take care to sand down any sharp or rough spots in the wood. Although you’ll be using heavy duty tarps, it’s best to minimize the chances of rips and tears.

Step #3: Use Your Ice Rink Tarps

Once you have a frame constructed, place very large ice rink tarps around the frame so that you have a little bit of overlap. The best tarps for your rinks will be heavy duty tarps that are made from a high-density woven polyethylene material. They’re water proof, leak proof and rot resistant. Also look for one with aluminum grommets and double reinforced corners so that it will be strong enough to withstand arctic temperatures.

Step #4: Fill It Up!

The last step is the easiest one. Once the weather is right, simply fill it with water and let it freeze. It’s best if the projected temperature is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit for at least three days in a row to allow everything to freeze. Many homeowners are concerned that the heavy water will cause damage to the grass underneath, but in reality, the best tarps help create a greenhouse effect, which helps the grass thrive.

Ice skating is a fun wintertime activity and if you have a rink in your backyard, you might just have to fight to keep your kids inside! The process of building one is easier than many people realize — as long as you use these simple steps.

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