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There is nothing like spending a peaceful evening out on the patio with your family and friends. But even the most beautiful nights can have a chill. Don’t let the temperature drive you away – take back your backyard with an outdoor fireplace!

Outdoor fireplaces are really popular, and there are thousands of different ones available to suit your needs. The easiest way to view all the options available to you is to browse all your favorite online retailers, but your local home improvement store may also have them in stock for you to view in real life.

An outdoor fireplace exists to match or complement any D├ęcor. Metal and masonry are the most common materials because they are very effective at containing the heat and directing it safely where you want it.

Outdoor fireplaces are built in many different ways, and you can choose the style that best suits your needs and your space. Many of these styles are available in both gas- or wood-burning varieties depending on what you’d prefer.

Fireplace Styles

Some outdoor fireplaces are built to mimic the look of traditional indoor fireplaces. Rectangular ones, just like the one under the mantle inside your home, create a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor space, and are available in many colors and styles. They do tend to be on the large and expensive side, though, so be sure that it will fit in your space and in your budget.

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