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Big Backyard Swing Set

In order to extend your backyard swing set’s life for a couple more years, the best thing to do is to keep them clean and groomed as regularly as possible. It is very important that you keep your outdoor play sets clean and well maintained so that you will be able to protect your kids form possible infections and diseases from accumulated molds and germs growing in the play set.

If you have a wooden play set sitting in your backyard, the most ideal time to clean it is right after the winter seasons. This is because it is during that time, you will be able to effectively remove bacteria and mildew from the play set right away. Most people find it hard to start cleaning their swing sets simply because of its overwhelming size – outdoor play sets are just too big and cleaning them will usually take an entire afternoon. But if you know what to you, cleaning your backyard swing sets need not be that long.

First, what you need to do is to soak your play structure for a while before actually cleaning it. Soaking it simply means spraying the entire area with plain water and leave it so sit for some time.

It is not advisable to hose down the structure with high power, because the strength of the water coming from the hose could ruin the special coatings of your play set or even ruin some of its parts. But soaking on the other hand by spaying on it, can save you a lot of time from the strenuous task of scrubbing.

After an hour or two, you can start cleaning the heavily soiled portions of the play structure. Swing sets are usually very dirty at the bottom parts of their legs as well as in the areas where the hands of your kids spend most of the time touching and holding. Scrub these areas thoroughly using plain water first – the special cleaners and detergents will be used after you get rid of the dirt using water firs. After all the dirt has been removed, rinse it with clean water.

Once you are able to remove the dirt, you can then clean it with a cleaner or a detergent to disinfect. However, be mindful of not using too much of these chemicals for they can be harmful to your kids and to the swing set itself. Any reside ad remains of these cleansers can ruin your swing set’s finish as well as do harm to your child’s health. If you have a metal swing set at home, use a non-corrosive cleaning detergent. You can also use eco-friendly cleaners if you have grass in your backyard. And to make your cleaning process easier, go from top to bottom.

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