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Every child wants a retreat to escape indoor life. A great, easy way to provide an adventurous place for your kids to play is by giving them their very own backyard playset. There are many you might decide to choose from, from simple to extravagant. One of the most important aspects of selecting the right equipment for your children to play on is the material it is made out of. There are many plastic sets available on the market today, but these usually pale in comparison to quality wooden kids playground sets.

Slides, swings and other playground equipment accessories should be plastic, but the structure itself will fare better if made from quality lumber. The best kinds of woods to select from include redwood and cedar. This is for a few reasons. An individual kids playground set may be made with both kinds of wood in different areas. Redwood would most likely be found as the main structural element. It is the best wood for structure because it is naturally resistant to many insects and decay, so it need not be treated with dangerous chemicals that could harm your child. Cedar would be found as a playset’s floors, walls and roofs because cedar is an extraordinarily hard wood so it does not develop cracks as easily. Being a durable wood makes it easy to maintain.

Wooden kids playground equipment is known to last much longer than plastic playgrounds. Many people may be initially turned off to the idea of wooden play structures due to splinters, but if you read reviews you will find splinters are a very rare occurrence. The redwood and cedar used in quality equipment is sanded and sealed, so splinters really should not be a concern at all. Many quality wooden sets have a lifetime warranty. The plastic parts like swings and slides, because they are less durable but need to be plastic for comfort, are given a five year warrantee.

It is very important to remember that while wood playgrounds are more durable and lasting than plastic playgrounds, you must be sure to order a set that is not treated with harsh chemicals. There is still a debate on the matter of whether it poses a real threat to people who are exposed to it, but why take the risk? Shop wisely and choose from a distributor that does not sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. As always speak with your playground builder and make sure that you use a playground builder that has the experience to give you the best advice.

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