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Best Backyard Mosquito Control

Where do mosquitoes hide in your yard? Mosquito control basics 101 includes knowing your enemy: where they hide in your garden or yard and then how to tackle them in their own environment. You can spray your entire backyard with mosquito repellant, but it will not have a lasting effect if you don’t know where they are hiding from you!

Before understanding their habits, you must first understand them. When are they most active and where do they go at other times. Where do they go at night, or even during the day when it rains or it is hot? What type of weather do mosquitoes like and where do they hide when the weather doesn’t suit them? We are not going to discuss entomology here, but the tips we provide are valid nonetheless.

Where do Mosquitoes Hide

Mosquitoes do not like cold weather. They are insects, and therefore cold-blooded. They like warm weather, as much as 80 degrees or over, and cannot function properly below 50 degrees. Some species appear to thrive in Alaska and Siberia, but you should only be concerned with the species indigenous to your area.


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