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Backyard Tables

The essential characteristics and uses for picnic tables has probably been known by just about anybody who’s ever dined on an outdoor table in a backyard or at some recreational area or another. They’ve been around for decades, and – up until the last couple of decades – were usually made of wood that was pressure-treated and made to withstand the elements.

In some countries, a picnic table is often known as a picnic bench, by the way. They’re normally highly-modified tables that come with attached benches and they quite often make for the best tools or instruments for dining outdoors. Nowadays, many are made from high-tech materials and they can even be manufactured to be highly portable, even.

It’s still the case these days that many a city park or state or national park has a wide variety of such tables scattered around them for the use of their patrons. One can also see different versions of what can only be called a picnic table in school cafeterias, break rooms or community centers and dining halls. They make for a very nice, durable and long-lasting dining table, it must be said.

A typical, full-sized table can often seat anywhere from 6 to 10 people, though the average wooden table is much too heavy and bulky to be easily transported around. This is why they make for an excellent park or backyard table because they tend to not only stay where they’re placed but also last for quite a long time. This is especially so when they’ve been weather-treated.

An average wooden picnic table is made from heavy duty lumber board and it’s often stained so that it can withstand the elements. Additionally, the tabletop and benches tend to be attached to the cross-members and trusses with heavy-duty, hardware-quality screws or even nails. The most durable of all of them usually use carriage bolts, which are fastened through use of washers and bolts.

There’s also a wide variety of new-style tables made from different materials, including heavy-duty plastic and metal in addition to some that are formed from concrete or carved from stone. Plastic tables are becoming extremely popular these days because they’re relatively easy to manufacture and assemble and they last for a long time. It could be that wooden tables are permanently on their way out.

Picnic tables today are used more than ever and for a wide variety of purposes outside of strictly dining in the great outdoors. They can be found in many cafeterias and employee break rooms and they come in a wide variety of materials, though plastic is gradually overtaking wood as the material of choice when it comes to creating these versatile and commonplace tables.

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