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Backyard Table

Nothing beats a great backyard table, or at least that is what my wife tells me. When we bought our house a couple of years back the entire backyard was landscaped and manicured perfectly, along with having a beautiful children’s play-set. The only thing missing was somewhere to sit, eat and enjoy the surroundings. And that’s all it took for me to know that I would want a table for the backyard. What I needed though was some plans for a table, which I would use to build it.

I did what most people do and visited a home improvement store, hoping to find some type of plans for a table. I was directed to a project area of the store where several different project plans were located, but I didn’t realize how many plans for a table that they carried. I had several to choose from, but in the end found the one that would be perfect for my backyard.

This is my first time tackling a project of this nature and I had never followed any type of project plans before. The plans for a table I had decided on were inexpensive and provided me with a complete listing of all the materials needed, all the way down to the types of nails or screws to use.

I have to admit, I was flabbergasted at how meticulous all of the steps were to build this table. I was able to complete this project in what I felt was an extremely reasonable amount of time and my table looks and fits in perfectly with the rest of my backyard setup.

Looking back, I originally didn’t know what to expect, but I was so completely satisfied with the plans for a table that I single-handedly built that I won’t hesitate to purchase plans for any future projects.

By purchasing the plans for a table, it allowed me to put the table together on my own and in the end I saved a lot of money, rather than having to pay someone else to build it for me. This woodworking project gave me a great sense of accomplishment and the table is a welcome and much used addition to our backyard.

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