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Backyard Swingsets

Kids are so amazing! Do you have kids who love the outdoors? I sure do. My boys LOVE to climb, jump, swing, hide, and run. It’s so great for all of us to be active, but especially for kiddos, who have growing bodies and we want them to stay healthy.

When you look out in your backyard, do you see a empty piece of land? Would you really like to have a great climber for your kids out there? I’m betting your kids would love one out there. Thinking maybe a wooden climber or swing set would be a great addition to your backyard? I have no doubt it would be. Are your kids always going to the neighbors house to play? Keep them in your yard by having a fun, safe place to play. Backyard climbers and swing sets can provide hours of fun with activities like swinging, climbing, sliding, hiding, digging, these are all great active activities that keep kids moving. Backyard climbers and swing sets can blend in beautifully with your backyard landscaping.

Backyard climbers and swingsets come in wood or metal. Often the wooden ones are much larger and need a bigger space than the metal ones. However, if you have a smaller yard and still want a play structure, metal swing sets are GREAT for that! Wooden climbers last and last until your kids have outgrown them. They will often provide a great resale item once your kids have outgrown them. I know I’m always looking for a great deal on a used climber. Backyard climbers and swingsets can make your backyard a great place for your children or grandchildren to spend quality outside time. Imagine how nice it would be to hang out on your back patio and listen to the sound of little voices filled with ideas and inspiration. Think of all the “Watch me’s!” that you will hear shouted your way.

Backyard climbers and swingsets can come with a range of accessories that can include:

o Various swing configurations 
o Wavy slides, curvy slides, double slides 
o Slide covers 
o Viewing stations for binoculars 
o Sand boxes underneath a raised clubhouse 
o Clubhouses for hiding in or just hanging out 
o Handicapped swings 
o Ramps 
o Climbing walls 
o Spinners

Backyard climbers or swingsets can be found many places and many of them are just too darn expensive. When you are shopping for one, keep in mind the quality of the wood or metal, how sturdy is it? Will the company be around if you have questions or installation issues? Does it come with a warranty period against defects? How large of a space do you have or need?

Enjoy your children, treat them well, love them, provide for them, not just physically but emotionally. Play with them often, spend quality time together and you will raise an amazing little person. Having a great backyard climber and/or swing set can provide just the right setting for some quality backyard adventures!!

That old empty space in your backyard is needing a change!!

This article was written by Kimberly Hedrick, the mom of two active boys who love to climb, swing, run and jump. I’m betting yours do to!!!

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