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Backyard Swingset

Parents are buying their kids backyard playsets or jungle gyms today more than ever. We know they’re good for our kids’ development and it allows everyone to have fun. However, a lot of parents don’t know what to look for in a backyard playset when buying one. This lack of knowledge can even be a hazard to their children if they buy dangerous products.

One of the most important things in buying any kind of playset is safety. You should never buy anything that can fall apart or hurt your child in any way. Check and make sure the screws are going to fit where they go. If a screw point is sticking out it can cut your child or even take out an eye. I know that sounds like it will happen but stranger things occur every day and it’s best to be prepared.

Another thing to watch for is splinters. Make sure that the wood is cut and sanded correctly so that nothing can hurt your child. Also make sure the wood is treated for rot so that there is no chance it will fall apart for a long time. Buying a wooden playset is an investment for your child’s physical growth and happiness and you don’t need that investment falling apart in only a few years.

Another thing to look for is accessories and add-ons. Ask yourself if your kid will want things added on at a later date and also if it has enough accessories attached to it now. You don’t want to get home and realize that the backyard gym doesn’t make everyone happy. The best way to help with this is get backyard swingsets that already have everything attached (rope ladder, fort, slides, slings, etc).

One important thing to look for is value. Shop around and don’t just stick with one store. A lot of people can’t afford to spend a few thousand dollars on a nice wooden playset. However, most people can spend a few hundred for one, maybe even a used one. A used playset is a very good option if it has been taken care of.

Overall, the main things to look for when shopping for a playset are value, durability, and accessories. One of the best solutions is to take your kids with you when you shop. You can then tell them how much to spend and let them pick one out themselves. This means that the kids have pride they picked it out and you have pride that your kids are happy.

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