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Backyard Swing Sets

Backyard swing sets have been an institution for centuries. They have been a favorite past time for children for a long time. Children can play on the swing sets for hours using their imagination to no end. You can also find swing sets at a circus for acrobats and on porches just for relaxing. Normally you will find a seat that is attached to a length of rope or chain then hung from anything sturdy overhead. You simply sit on the seat, and rotate back and forth, much like a pendulum.

Usually swing sets are built by a forming a simple ‘A’ type frame out of wood or metal that can support a good amount of weight. Then, anything that can form a seat is attached to an appropriate length of chain or rope and fastened to the frame. The size of the swing set, will determine how many swings or other apparatus can be hung from the frame.

There are many shapes, sizes and styles of swings that can be used for babies. You can find a swing that has openings for legs, and a support that the baby can stay upright in, while someone pushes to initiate the swinging motion. Other items that can be put on swing sets may include a rope ladder, sliding poles, acrobat bars, and teeter-totters.

The seat of swing sets are made of various materials. You can find seats made of flexible canvas, plastic, wood, heavy vinyl, and rubberized tire treads. Any of these will work well for older children. The most common backyard swing set is the use of a wood board that is hung by chain or rope from tree branches. Older children are able to swing high above the ground.

The more modern swing sets were developed from an old tire which provided hours of swinging. They were easily put up with a single heavy-duty rope slung over a sturdy tree branch and tied off. Tire swings are still made out of used tires but with more safety features built into them. Interestingly, they can be put up vertically or by using three ropes or chains and hung horizontally.

By using a large tire for a backyard swing set, at least three children can swing at the same time on one swing. The children simply take turns pumping or causing the tire swing to go back and forth. The children can also use their feet to twist the chains around each other then hold their feet up off the ground to allow the chains to un-twist creating a spinning motion.

Backyard swing sets have changed very little over the centuries. Their changes show up, only in the materials used and designs to improve safety for children while they are playing.

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