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Backyard Sun Shades

Shade sails are tensioned fabric structures, commonly named “Shade Sails” for their sail-like shapes and shade providing function. The tensioned fabric that can be twisted, overlapped and angled into a virtually limitless array of soaring forms, plus they are somewhat translucent and provide approximately 80% shade while blocking 90% of harmful UV rays. One small shade sail may provide a subtle architectural accent over a household entry or window. A series of large and overlapping sails may expand over an open area in a commercial structure.

It is the best protection against the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation and the Solar UVR levels are usually not related to temperature, and there could be high UVR levels even on cool days. Therefore they are a great protection for all times. Available in a variety of colors and are made of a high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene knit fabric. Tensioning is achieved with stainless-steel cable sewn into the perimeter of each sail and attached to existing structures or free-standing supports. when installed, the shade sails are taut and can resist virtually any wind condition.

Shade Sails effectively protect an area from the sun without making it feel closed in, backyards, decks, barbecues and patios, or any other place where you want to relax from the sun and heat. Their simple, clean forms are compatible with a variety of architectural approaches. This fresh solution makes a striking attention-grabbing statement wherever it is used.

In addition to the artistic design, custom shade sails can be customized to meet all your sun shade protection needs.

For best results make sure to use a professional shade sail installer, I recommend SoCal Shade Sails, they provide sun protection products for years and can really create great designs. If you want to install it on your own, check out some of the ready made shade sails, ready to deliver and easy to install.

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