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Most people want a shed in the backyard for one reason and one reason only; storage. While that’s a great use for a building that is separate from your home, it’s not the only use.

When we lived on farms there were several outbuildings that were used for things such as storing firewood, housing animals, protecting hay and other feed as well as protecting and housing large equipment such as combines and tractors. Because there was room to store the smaller things in those buildings there was no reason to build another for garden or lawn care tools and equipment and it doubled as a workshop as well for all the things that has to be repaired and built on a farm.

Move a few things around in the barn or drive a tractor or two out of the barn to make room, set up a couple of sawhorses and throw a piece of plywood across them and you’d have a workbench. No need to think ahead about how you would use it; just think how you could move things around to accomplish what you needed to do and make it work.

In today’s homes it’s a little bit different than those on the farm. Many of us live in areas that are governed by city or county codes or a Home Owners Association and have to get permission to build anything on our property along with permits. This means you have to think about use, size, location and cost before you ever break ground.

People are slowly catching on to the many uses of backyard sheds and storage units. If you have children, the space can be used to create a playhouse while the kids are young and converted into bike and athletic equipment storage for the kids as they get older. When they leave the roost, you will have the perfect building for a workshop if you have never been able to have one.

That is because one of the most popular uses for outbuildings is for a workshop of some sort. But don’t be fooled into thinking only about a shop to work on cars or even a woodworking shop because workshops can be just about anything you want them to be that is associated with a hobby. This can include stained glass, throwing pottery, sewing or quilting, etc. It’s a place where “work” of some sort takes place even if that work is a hobby.

Another wonderful use is for studios. Many of these can be considered work shops as well because they have a work space. Of course you can also have a small meditation space or even an office. Think painting studio, yoga, design, etc. Nothing is off limits. Just make sure you have a space that is at least 10 x 12 or it will just be too small.

There are also sheds made especially for potting plants and gardening and you can find many examples that will fit into your lifestyle all over the internet as well as in magazines. Most of these have potting benches built in and are wonderful for avid gardeners.

The last use for an outbuilding is for home office space. For those that have ever turned their kitchen tables or back bathroom into a home office you can appreciate the brilliance of building a shed out back and make that your home office. Depending on what you need there are ways to add a bathroom and small kitchen into the space as well as run water and electricity.

Once you decide what you want out of the additional space then you can get to work and find a good set of shed plans or work with an architect or interior designer to design exactly what you need in the space. Either way, think outside the box and see what you come up with. It just might be the perfect solution.

If you are looking to build a shed workshop [http://sheds-plans.org/shed-workshop/] there are a lot of plans you can get as well as many shapes and sizes. It is recommended that you get at the very least 10×12 shed plans [http://sheds-plans.org/10-x-12-shed-plans/] or larger to accommodate everything you will need in workshop at home.

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