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All the advances of today’s technology have made it easy for every amateur musician to build his or her own home recording studio. With a small amount of planing and few hours of overtime worked, anybody can have a working home recording studio up and running. There are a few key steps that are going to be discussed that will help you with the quest of creating your very own home recording studio.

Private or commercial use?

One thing that you have to think about when planning for your studio is if its going to be used just by you and your band or if you want to record other bands and musicians. By having it for your own, you can limit your purchases to equipment that is needed by you to record. If you decide to record other musicians, you might have to buy extra equipment or increase studio size to accommodate different styles of music and different size bands. Plus, if you decide to commercialize your studio, your clientele, might expect a certain kind of quality that might be higher then if you would just record yourself and friends.

What equipment do i need?

The vast improvement over the years in digital music recording, has limited the amounts of components needed for a home recording studio. With a decent computer, digital recording software, a microphone, and an interface, you are well on your way to record your next hit song. There is a good variety of recording software on the market, and which one you pick is closely related to what you want it to do and how much money you want to spend.

Many first time home recording studio owners start out with lower end equipment and then upgrade as they improve their skills. Your choice of interface will most likely be decided by the software that you choose, since most recording software has their preferred interfaces. The interface is the device that will take the input from the microphone and convert it to a signal that the computer will understand. Microphones are usually “You get what you pay for”, but a medium priced microphone ($100-$200) will usually give you good sounding quality.

Location, Location. Location

Depending on the free space in your house or apartment, finding a good location for your home recording studio might be a difficult task. I’ve seen studios in spare bedrooms, in garages, and even in sheds located in the backyard. Factors to consider when choosing a location are heating and air conditioning, security, and noise levels.

Doing some thorough planning in advance will take you on the right path to building your first home recording studio. Just remember, some of the biggest stars of today, started out recording in their garage before they made it big. So take action and start planning your recording studio now.

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