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Obviously, you can store pretty much any small to medium sized object in a backyard shed. Wooden sheds can be much more that just a small building for storage. Even though they are called “sheds”, they can be used as a guesthouse, pool cabana, workshop, artist studio, playhouse for the kids, etc.

The best part is, they can be converted fairly easily from one use to another. If done correctly, a garden shed can be used for a couple of purposes at the same time. For example, a pool cabana is not only used to change into a swimsuit, but is also a great place to store the pool supplies and any chemicals that should be stored away from the main house.

You might be wondering why you should build one for yourself. Not only are wooden sheds fun to build, but for someone wanting to learn more about woodworking and building, they make a great starter project. And, usually it only requires one weekend of time from start to finish.

Aside from WHAT the shed will be used for is WHY a wooden shed? Sheds made from wood may cost more than a metal or plastic shed, but the real value is the long-term satisfaction you get from having a shed made from natural materials. Not only are they more pleasing to the eye, you have more options from a shed that is custom built from a set of shed plans.

Metal or plastic sheds are not as easy to modify or add on to as it is to garden sheds. And, if repairs are required, they are quicker and less expensive to make on a wooden shed. You’ll know what I mean if you have ever tried to fix a dented metal shed. The best wood to use for sheds is cedar. Cedar contains oil that occurs naturally. This oil is what gives the wood its distinct aroma and also protects it from insects and rot. Buying a wooden shed kit is another great option. Some kits already come with the walls pre-assembled so all you have to do is bolt them together. This makes it super fast to build a shed for your backyard – and super easy!

You’ll find more information and tips on construction and how to use wooden sheds [] to their fullest potential at: Also included are shed plans [], wooden shed kits, and more!

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