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Backyard Storage Solutions

Nothing beats excellent storage, or at least that is what my wife informs me. Our current house is the result of my wife’s storage desires. Before buying, she checked every room to make sure there was enough storage for all our “necessities”.. Too bad she did not do the same for my garage as it is now full of ‘”stuff” so I decided it was time for my own backyard storage shed.

To be able to get to what I need at the time I needed it was becoming a priority. It was a very important part of my thought process as I considered a solution to my cluttered garage. I really did not want to have to pull everything out to get to the stuff in the back so I designed my shed with two set of doors, both in the front and in the back as well.

This design added to the overall price and also took somewhat longer to create, however, it has been well worth the expense. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something, and knowing exactly where it is, but not being able to get it. Using a couple of sets of doorways at each end would solve that problem.

With the need for doors on both ends, I was limited somewhat in where I could place the building. Most folks back their shed right up to the property line, but I needed to access both ends so I just turned it sideways. It is important to remember to take the necessary time to make sure the ground is level where the shed will be placed.

The foundation is also extremely important. It needs to be able to stand the test of time and withstand lots of use (or misuse). Depending on the size of your building you may need to use a permanent foundation consisting of piers installed below grade level. You also may need to get a permit so check your local building codes as well. You truly don’t want to entertain a visit from the local building inspector telling you your building is not up to code AFTER you are done.

To prevent difficulties with building codes as well as nearby authorities, you could consider getting a collection of building plans for your garden storage shed online.

My backyard storage shed may be the best investment I have ever made. At least that’s how I feel about it when I need a lawn mower or tree saw. There is lots of room in my garage now, I am a happy home owner. And so is my wife.

Backyard storage shed [] structures are easy to build if you have a little skill and a good set of plans. If you have the know-how but need the plans, you can find them at [].

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