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Developing a backyard putting green is what every golfer needs. This will help them to apply their game frequently without needing to visit the golf course every once in awhile. Although there are numerous artificial putting greens which you will find available in the market these days, installing an authentic grass on your putting green will help improve the appearance of your backyard. Needless to say, this is given that you possess the time, effort and income to do so.

So apart from having the capacity to practice your own game at your home, you will also get a well-manicured lawn. Take note that this calls for a lot of maintenance, like fertilizing, mowing, irrigating, etc. So the following are some tips when it comes to installing real grass on your putting green at home:

• Purchase your Grass Seeds

First of all, you have to look for a store that sells grass seeds which you have to use for your backyard putting green. The seeds that are often utilized by the professionals are called the creeping bent grass and such grass can be acquired from any of the local nursery near you. There are also nurseries that sell online, so if you are unable to find a retailer of the seeds, the best thing to perform is to use the internet.

• Look for a location for your Putting Green

The following move is to look for an area for your putting green to be installed. It is best to pick a spot that gets a lot of sunlight so your greens will be able to develop properly. Do not choose an area with low-lying areas where water could accumulate which might cause the greens to pass away. It is important that you select a location for your backyard where there is consistent airflow and stay away from those areas where there are lots of trees and crops that could block the air to flow through.

Perform a test on the Soil

You should do a test on the soil before you start planting the seeds. This is to find out if there is actually a necessity to fix the pH level before you begin growing the seeds. The pH level is measured through a gauge of 1 to 14 and the soil having a pH level of 7 will mean it is a neutral soil, which is a great soil for cultivating your grass seeds.

You can check with a specialist in relation to the proper pH level of your soil to make certain that the grasses on your backyard putting green will properly grow. Bear in mind that it will also require a good drainage system in order for the grass to grow well. Dependent on on the drainage of your soil, you will need a sandy loam to enhance the greens.

Before you plant your grass seeds, you must create your greens well so that water will never collect and create a puddle on the layer. Make use of a shovel or a metal rake when spreading and forming the soil on your backyard putting green.

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