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Backyard Soccer Goal

Buying a Backyard Soccer Goal.

There are many suppliers of soccer goals. Tip: Check the thickness and mesh size of the net and the weight of the goal for clues as to quality. Tip: Think carefully about the size goal you need and how difficult it will be to move around. You will need to move it to mow the grass and if it is too heavy that will be a problem. On the other hand, if it isn’t sturdy, it might bend when you try to move it. I recommend you get the smallest goal that will meet your needs because it will be easier to move and less likely to bend.

Selecting the Correct Type of Soccer Net.

Soccer nets are usually made from polyethylene (a nylon-cord type of material) and come in different sizes (various heights, width, depth at the top and base at the bottom), cord thickness (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm), and mesh sizes ( the size of the squares made by the cord range from 2″ to 5.5″). The cost of a net is largely determined by its size, the thickness of the cord and its quality. 
Tip: If the goal will be used by a player age 12 or older, buy a net with a 3mm or thicker cord, 2mm cord breaks too easily. Tip: You can double up a net if it is too large.

Do You Need One Soccer Net or Two? Many suppliers only sell nets in pairs. However, if you check the internet you may be able to find individual nets.

Soccer Net Fasteners. I like using pieces of twine or rope. It is cheap, durable and easy; just buy a roll and cut the length you need. Plastic ties won’t last and velcro is expensive and only lasts about a year. I’ve heard that Bungee Cords make good fasteners and it makes sense that they would.

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