Fabulous Backyard Soccer Field 19 For Home Interior Design Ideas with Backyard Soccer Field

Backyard Soccer Field

Soccer field layout is not as hard to make as it may seem if you are only equipped with proper tools and tools that were required are not that expensive and hard to find. You can grab anything that seems necessary for you to use.

If tools were not handy, here are some suggestions:

Buy or find a couple of tape measure 300 feet in length. It is best if you have an extra 100 feet tape measure. You are also required to have at least 25 pieces of gutter spikes, 12 inches in length, a strong cord about 500 feet, have a kind of cord that doesn’t stretch much, and cans of spray paint, the kind that has field-marking capability.

When planning to layout a soccer field in limited spaces like empty backyards, layout within the limit of the space leaving only a small area in the sides for overruns, and when lay-outing in an open field, you can make it as large as you wish.

The first step is establishing a base line either for a side or goal line. Put a cord along the whole length of the base line. By means of a 60′-80′-100′ triangle, set up the next side of the field. Again stake the entire length with the cord. Repeat this procedure on the opposite end of the base line until forming a rectangle. To determine the center point, stake a cord from one corner of the rectangle up to the opposite side corner of the other end. Do this on the other side too. The spot in the center of the field where this two cords overlap is the center point. From these markers, you can determine now the penalty area, the goal box and other necessary points in the field. The spikes are for the temporary marking of points before painting and proper staking.

Lastly, be sure to have someone accompany you in laying down such stakes for I’m sure you would not bother run from one side to another if the markers needed some adjustments. Anyways, you’ll only need a handful of tools and a pal to complete your soccer field layout.

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