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Backyard Smoker

Horizon Smoker is a company owned by Roger Davidson that provides a wide assortment of smoker units and charcoal grills. They’re one of the top manufactures and they have lots of products that you can choose to fit your likings. It can be for personal or business usage. The smokers are made from the finest steel equipments and the smoker body is constructed from quarter inch wide structural tube to avoid burnouts. Plus, it is very easy to use since you do not have to assemble the smoker which makes it a perfect tool for all barbecue enthusiasts.

The Horizon Smoker offers many kinds of smokers namely the backyard style smokers, trail-mounted smokers and commercial smokers.

Here are the 2 kinds of smokers

I. Backyard style smokers Example: 16 inch Backyard Smoker Classic – this is a great smoker that can cook food for about 40 people and it is ideal for small gatherings. It has a large cooking area of 660 square inches. The cooking chamber is 16 inch diameter x 32 inch long and the firebox is 16 inch diameter x 16 inch long. Also, it has two 16 inch steel wheels and a working table located at the front as well as at the bottom and the side there is a storage space. There are 2 damper airflow that allows you to manage the temperature and airflow.

This smoker can cook from 160 (slow cooking), 250 (barbecuing) to 325 (grilling). Moreover, this smoker contains separate grilling area within the firebox which allows you to grill and smoke your meat at the same time. It has 2 chrome cooking grate in the smoking chamber and 1 in the firebox. With this smoker, you do not have to worry about smoke leaking out because it was engineered to avoid such thing to happen.

II. Trail-mounted smokers Example: 24 inch Double Door trailer smoker – this smoker can be used for grilling and smoking during small or big occasions. It is an ideal tool for all barbecue aficionados. It has a built in L.P. log lighter method, jack, and 15 inch tires that allows you to move the smoker to your desired location or area. The measurement of the cooking chamber is 24 inch diameter x 72 inch with an area of 1700 square inches of grilling while the firebox is 24 inch long with an area of 420 square inches. Also, it has a wood storage box and a slide out table top.

These traditional Horizon smokers will have you building fire and smoking food in the old fashioned way, but it will be a lot easier, thanks to the superior design Horizon is known for. Guess its time for you to get your hands on one of these and start building the fire for a great barbecue night.

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