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Backyard Skatepark

A lot of people have ventured to create their own skateparks in their backyards. Unfortunately, these are not always tested for safety and will eventually rot from the weather over time. They are also not easy to build nor are they cheap to build, as all of that lumber and hard labor adds up in time and money. Plus, they are so large and heavy; you’ve pretty much committed your entire yard to the skatepark once it’s completed.

However, with portable skate ramps, you are able to create the same skatepark or even a better skatepark. This because portable skate ramps have not only been tested for safety, but they are created from 10 gauge steel that will not rot in the rain over time, nor do they swell causing dangerous bumps and irregularities. When you’re done practicing, you can easily fold up the portable skate ramps and place them in your garage, storage shed or just out of the way. This way you don’t have to commit your whole backyard to a lumber field of homemade skate equipment.

Another benefit to portable skate ramps is that you can combine several pieces to create your own skatepark layout. You can create your own layout or you can purchase a custom designed skatepark layout for your home, community park or event. Those designs that you purchase are available in 3D so that you know exactly which pieces of equipment go where and the order that the layout is designed to be completed in. If you are in need of a custom design, there are even experts available to assist you in creating custom skatepark layout for use with your portable skate ramps. features a full line-up of safe, weatherproof and affordable portable skate ramps. Why pay a fortune on something you have to build yourself when you can make one investment that will not only be more reliable, but also easy to store and transport?

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