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When buying cars, one of our main concerns aside from cost is durability. Will this car last longer than my previous one? That is a common question every car buyer would ask. The same thing goes with a homeowner who is planning to install a gazebo in his home.

Nowadays, portable and pop up gazebos are very popular. The main reason why they are preferred by many homeowners is because of their portability and very low cost. But if your main concern is durability, pop up gazebos would not be an ideal choice for you.

A metal gazebo, on the other hand, would last for many years. No one can question the durability of one of these gazebos. It is an all-weather gazebo that can withstand extreme summer heat, heavy rain and snowfall, and strong winds.

Some homeowners say that wooden gazebos are the ultimate gazebos when durability is concerned. There is no question that wooden gazebos would last long, but the fact is that wood cannot last longer than metal. Wood, if not treated properly, is susceptible to termites and wood rot.

However, a gazebo made of metal has a higher price tag compared with regular structures. But the price is well worth it. You may spend more initially with a metal one, but you will actually save more with it. Why? Because you will never need to buy a replacement if you have a metal gazebo.

A metal gazebo is also a unique way to provide an elegant look for your yard or garden. Traditional gazebos are square-shaped structures. Metal shelters, however, are available in various shapes and unique designs. Metal is tough and sturdy, but it can be molded to almost any desired shape. There are metal gazebos shaped like bells. There are some that have roofs which resemble domes. With metal gazebo, you can definitely endow your yard with a unique and attractive look.

Types of Metal Gazebos

Steel Gazebo:

Stainless steel is one of the toughest materials known to man. If you are looking for a metal gazebo that would last for a very long time, then one made up of stainless steel would be the perfect choice for you. Unlike iron, stainless steel would never corrode. Be prepared, however, to spend more with stainless steel gazebo as it has higher price tag than other metal gazebos.

Wrought Iron Gazebo:

Although, it may not last as long as steel gazebo, wrought iron gazebo can still last for many years. What is great with wrought iron is that it can be molded to form intricate designs and wonderful scroll designs. Wrought iron gazebo can definitely become the most elegant structure in your garden.

Aluminum Gazebo:

Aluminum is another metal that will not rust. That is why many homeowners prefer an aluminum gazebo. Also, aluminum gazebos are maintenance free and will look excellent for many years. What is more, aluminum gazebos cost less than their steel or wrought iron counterparts.

Every structure in your house should be considered as an investment. Do not just settle for mediocre material. If you are planning to erect a gazebo in your yard, go for one that would last for a very long time like metal gazebo.

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