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Backyard Sheds

Check out your garage. If you find a lot is going on in that space more than it can accommodate, it is time to have your backyard shed. You might find that the tools for your hobbies are all over the passage from the garage to the main door of your home. Or your truck’s tools are all mixed up with the workshop materials of your high school kids. A backyard shed is the best solution to keep all those things in order.

Before finally deciding to build one, making up plans for backyard shed is the wisest initial step, to make sure you are not going to build one which is too big for the space available. Check out your yard and see how much area you can allot for a backyard shed. Also plan the best spot which will not block the play area of the children, leave some room for Mom’s gardening hobby, while also leaving ample space for your next barbecue get together with your buddies.

There are a lot of fun and neat ideas online. The internet offer more plans for backyard shed that you can imagine. Search for the one that will best suit your area, needs and budget. The nearest hardware can also provide you with such plans.

You may sketch out your own plans or check out some neat blue prints for your plans. Your buddies are also good source of cool suggestions. You may also want to consider modifying the style of your brother’s shed to one that will suit your needs.

If you only need a small domestic backyard shed, there are some simple and less expensive sheds which are available in kit form. Whether you want a wooden or plastic, you can get kits and do-it-yourself plans for backyard shed for both types.

If you find that you have so many tools and equipments to keep, you may consider building one that is small but a tall building to allow space for pegs for hanging storage. Or if budget will allow, a small but tall or two-storey building is also a great idea.

Tall backyard sheds are usually constructed out of wood and include features that will make it look like a replica of the main house with windows, shingled roof and electrical outlets. If you opt for a tall backyard shed now, it is also a wise preparation for a bigger room that you might need later in case you and your family will engage in more hobbies. You can also give some room for porch to put in some small furniture so the tall shed can also be used as relaxation spot after a hard day.

Wood backyard sheds are the most common type, and is usually built away from the house and not as an extension considering the fire hazard materials. It is the type that can easily blend with any environment especially with your garden. But sturdy and beautiful as it may appear, treating of the wood should not be overlooked. Untreated lumber can easily rot and become susceptible to mold and mildew. Wood sheds will need more maintenance, among all other types of backyard sheds. Occasional rot-proofing is necessary as well as keeping plants and some debris to pile up beside the walls to avoid rotting.

For long-term strength and resistance to fire, rot or termites, metal backyard sheds are most recommended. It will however cost more. The drawbacks of metal sheds are rusting over time and dents. Thin metals will also be a great disadvantage especially during the winter when accumulated snow may cause damage. Also, backyard sheds made from thin metals are more at risk of being damaged by heavy winds; to avoid such condition, you will have to invest more by attaching the thin metal sheds with screws to a concrete foundation.

Less expensive than metal are the plastic sheds. They are UV light-resistant making your shed stronger, lighter and durable. Moreover, plastics are more resistant to denting and chipping.

Vinyl will make good siding for any type of backyard shed. It can work well with both wood and metal framing. Although they are not eco-friendly and cost more than wood and metal, they will appear to be less expensive over time because vinyl needs not be painted.

Whatever type of shed you intend to build, there is nothing like good preparation and planning.

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